Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Makes Marvel’s Essential Watching

Even if the What if…? the Strange-centric episode deals with a demonic, destructive version of the character, ironically born out of a kinder, less self-absorbed variant of the original. Strange Supreme never ended his relationship with Christine, meaning she was there during his fateful car accident and died in the wreckage. With the Time Stone, he becomes obsessed with preventing his death and fails again and again due to the reality insisting that what’s done is done. This obsession leads to the death of an entire universe.

From what we have seen from Multiverse of Madness, Christine is getting married to someone else, and Strange, during the wedding, probably feels uncomfortable. Considering Scarlet Witch is presented as a foil for him, it makes sense to contrast his overly powerful existence with the tragedy of love lost. We don’t know how much this Christine situation will affect Strange, but from What if…?we know where that could take him.

The power of a wizard

It’s always nice to glue the figures together and What if…? does a very good job with it. On the one hand, we know how dangerous an unhinged Hank Pym can be. From the main MCU, we’ve already seen that Strange is on another level compared to Thor and Loki. Strange was also the best overall counter against Thanos when Thanos had four of the six Infinity Stones (Thor, despite burying Stormbreaker in Thanos’ chest, was more of a right place/right time situation).

We make more use of our Multiverse of Madness magic users and what they are capable of What if…? In the zombie episode, the zombified Wanda is last shown battling the Hulk. When she’s revisited in the finale, there’s no sign of the Hulk so… I guess that speaks for it! The finale also has a team of characters from different worlds going up against a variation of Ultron powered by the Infinity Stones. While Strange Supreme was outmatched, his power level was so ridiculous that he was easily the MVP and the main reason the heroes lasted as long as they did.

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch may have their limits, but What if…? gives us an idea of ​​how much damage they are capable of doing.

Uatu the Watcher’s Broken Oath

The latest episodes of What if…? are dedicated to the series’ narrator, Uatu the Watcher, involved in the story and reluctantly having to reunite the Guardians of the Multiverse to end Infinity Ultron. Earlier in the episode Strange Supreme, Strange called on Uatu for help, but Uatu refused. In the finale, Uatu had to break his oath for once in order to save the multiverse and probably because it was partly his fault that Ultron became aware of all other realities.

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