Dragon Ball Super Artist explains how Bardock’s comeback happened

The artist behind Dragon Ball Super ‘The manga opened up about how Bardock’s return to the series came about! The Granolah the Survivor arc has been one of the most intriguing in the series, because the more we learn about the titular Granolah, the more we also learn about the Saiyans’ past. The biggest reveal was another look at Goku’s father, Bardock, which showed a whole new side of the fighter that fans had never seen before. Turns out the artist behind the show has been trying to make this happen for quite some time.

In a special interview on the official Dragon Ball website for celebrate the release of the latest volume on the shelves in Japan, Dragon ball super Artist Toyotaro explained how Bardock ultimately returned to the series. As Toyotaro revealed, he actually wanted to bring the fighter back into the series for quite some time now, but he was challenged to know exactly how he could do it until he figured out how to make it so. that the comeback occurs within the confines of the series’ currently unfolding story.

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“I was a supervisor on a character project not too long ago, and I had a special affinity for Bardock. I’ve actually wanted to include Bardock in the main story for quite some time now.” Toyotaro began, “But with the main character being Goku, and with Bardock dead for years, I could make him appear in side stories, but getting him in the main story was a challenge. opportunity to think about how I could weave Bardock in the main story, and when I showed my idea to [series creator Akira Toriyama], he said it looked good. I was like ‘Hell yeah!’ “

Elaborating further on this point, Toyotaro explained why he was so curious about Bardock, “… Everyone, including me, wants to know what kind of character, what kind of man he is. So, I want to. request [Toriyama] of him as much as I can, to make sure he’s a great character. ”In fact, Toyotaro even teased that while he can’t give spoilers, Bardock’s time on the show can’t. “not yet finished. That means we might see the fighter again before too long!”

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