Dwayne Johnson and 9 Actors Who Play Superheroes (And Are Big Comic Book Fans, Too)

The DC Extended Universe version of black adam isn’t just another project for Dwayne Johnson, it’s his lifelong DC fan passion project. He’s not alone in Hollywood; recent years have seen a surge of proud fans become stars and co-stars of superhero projects.

From Marvel to DC, these different franchises spanning different years and timelines feature actors who did more than their job. They were living out childhood or lifetime fantasies of being their favorite superheroes on the big screen.


Dwayne Johnson

Showing his dedication to the project, Dwayne Johnson was announced to play Black Adam in 2014, 12 when the film actually came out and had been in talks to play the character since 2007 (per Gizmodo). He openly called himself a DC fanboy in various interviews or during the press tour of black adamsaying he was raised on great friends and that his favorite was Superman in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (presented below).

Johnson fought for Black Adam, who was originally slated to appear in a dual-origin movie with Shazam, to get his own movie (per vanity lounge). Even further than that, he trained and built himself bigger than ever to play Teth-Adam, showing his dedication to doing the character well.

Nicholas Cage

During an interview with David Shef, Nicolas Kin Coppola has revealed that he chose the stage name Nicolas Cage after Marvel hero Luke Cage. Cage grew up with comic books and while he may not read them anymore, he proudly shows that his childhood influences are still with him.

His love for the superhero world landed him the role of Superman in a canceled Tim Burton movie and more famously, Cage played Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, in two non-MCU Marvel movies as well as the voice of Spider. –Black Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Iman Vellani

It has become crystal clear through various interviews given by the star that not only is Iman Vellani a loyal fan of Ms. Marvel as a character, but that she grew up as a fan of the universe. Marvel cinematic. There is a whole interview with New Rockstars where Vellani spends more time talking about Marvel than promoting the Ms. Marvel series.

Many Marvel fans opened their arms in delight and embraced Vellani as one of them. It seems fate was on her side because she played Ms. Marvel before she even auditioned for the part (via The Mary Sue).

Guillaume Blessé

It’s rather sad that William Hurt died before his character became the Red Hulk, because one of the reasons he signed on for The Incredible Hulk was because, according to MTV, he was a true Hulk fan. That’s probably why he kept coming back to the MCU as an antagonist to the Avengers.

Hurt understood the character of Thaddeus Ross and knew how to convey the character’s downright obsessive compulsion to pursue the Hulk. In a fact that only diehard fans know The Incredible HulkHurt even said he used Captain Ahab as an influence for his take on Thaddeus since the two characters are so alike.

Rosario Dawson

Another proud comic book fan is Rosario Dawson, who played Claire Temple on Netflix daredevil series and has been in other comic book movies including Men in Black II and Sin City. One of his most underrated comic book performances is the voice of Wonder Woman in the DC Animated Film Universe.

Dawson even proudly admitted The Queen Latifah Show that she attends the comic for fun, not to promote anything or reveal her next project – she loves it. To top it all off, Rosario created his own comic book series titled Occult Crimes Task Force as well as collects comic books such as watchmen and x-men.

Ben Affleck

It’s a shame that Joss Whedon’s redesign of Justice League soured Ben Affleck’s passion for Batman (per People). He has repeatedly admitted in interviews for his DC Extended Universe movies that he was a proud Batman fan and collected comics growing up, as reported. USA today.

Like many actors who have portrayed Batman, Affleck’s initial reception to being cast as Batman was met with strong reactions, but now many fans love his former portrayal of a Dark Knight and are anticipating his return to the DCEU in the flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Jaime Alexander

Known for playing Lady Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jaimie Alexander nearly traded franchises when she was one of many actresses who considered playing Wonder Woman for the DCEU.

It’s probably because Alexander is a fan of comic books, according to an interview with Traveler. Indeed, in the future, DC might find a role for her, but Jaimie recently returned to both. Loki and Thor: Love and Thunder to reprise the role of Sif.

Keanu Reeves

The John Wick star showed his love for comics by co-creating his own comic book series called BRZRKR who has just released his second volume. Keanu Reeves expressed his love for comics in a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he promoted his comic strip (featured below). It was also on Jimmy Kimmel that Keanu admitted his dream role in Marvel: Ghost Rider.

Fans have already been clamoring for Kevin Feige to cast him, especially since he’s also returning to a previous comic book movie role with his unique portrayal of John Constantine who has garnered a devoted cult following. More recently, he was able to return to DC as a humorous version of Batman in DC Super Pet League.

Andrew Garfield

Many fans may remember when Andrew Garfield went undercover at San Diego Comic-Con as none other than Spider-Man. It was here that Garfield gave a moving speech about what Spider-Man meant to him growing up and how happy he was to play him in The Amazing Spider-Man (presented below).

Regardless of how fans may have felt about the two films, Andrew Garfield was the Amazing Spider-Man, and fans loved seeing his passion for the character. Andrew Garfield even came up with better changes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2that’s why fans cheered when he returned to the role in Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Henry Cavill

In recent years, Henry Cavill has solidified himself as the king of nerds due to his hobbies outside of blockbuster movies. He’s an avid gamer, which almost cost him the role of Superman according to Digital correctionbut it also prepared him to play Geralt Of Rivia on the witcher.

However, Cavill loves superheroes, including Superman, who he’s played since 2013 in the DC Extended Universe. He really loves and cares about Superman, who he’s featured in numerous interviews and even showed off his favorite Superman comics and tons of comics on Instagram.

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