Endgame Director Explains Why Marvel Movies Have So Much Humor

Joe Russo reveals that the secret to Marvel’s success is the use of humor in their films, as Kevin Feige is aware of what audiences appreciate.

Avengers: Endgame Director Joe Russo reveals why MCU films contain so much humor. Having grossed $25.6 billion at the worldwide box office, the MCU is the most successful film franchise of all time, and over the past 14 years audiences have immersed themselves in the characters and world of these hero. Movies are among the greatest shared cultural moments of the 21st century, as dialogue has become quotable in everyday conversation.

A defining aspect of the MCU is the franchise’s sense of humor, which dates back to 2008. Iron Man, due to the film not having a finished script and having to rely on Robert Downey Jr.’s improvisational skills, which director Jon Favreau was well suited for due to his background in comedy. The deductible would be further defined in The Avengers because the banter and wit of the script was one of the film’s strengths, and subsequent MCU films have tried to capture that. The comedic elements of the MCU have now become just as much of an attraction to audiences as the action scenes.


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Russo reveals exactly why MCU movies contain so much comedy and says it’s key to Marvel’s success. By speaking with DeadlineGoing through LeDirect, Russo revealed that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige likes to test Marvel movies to see how audiences like them. Feige wants audiences to have a good time, and part of the way is with humor. Russo said:

“Well, Marvel’s secret sauce is that Kevin likes movies to be entertaining, right? And entertaining usually involves humor, and I think Kevin is very into movie testing and I think that he likes to sit in the test screening and hear the response. So the audience laughs, you can hear their response. You can understand, ‘Okay, every 2 minutes [they] get some enjoyment out of the movie”, and that’s a good way for him to gauge how well the movie is performing with an audience, isn’t it? So I think the humor is very important to him .

The MCU style of humor has become so popular that it has been emulated by other studios and has now garnered negative reception among some members of the public as “Marvel Humor”. Some take issue with the franchise’s emphasis on humor as they feel it often deflates the rather serious moments, and some criticize the franchise’s inability to take anything seriously, such as poking fun at Doc Ock’s name. in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, for example. Yet even beneath all the humor, the MCU was able to use it as a way to introduce loftier themes into its movies of racial politics by Black Panther to examine the ravages of colonialism and the impacts on refugees in both Captain Marvel and Thor: Ragnarokor the complicated nature between children and parents in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

However, despite the backlash to Marvel’s use of humor, inserting comedy into action movies isn’t something Marvel created. In fact, it goes to show that MCU not only draws inspiration from comic books to inform its films, but also from cinematic influence. The Raiders of the Lost Ark features a number of well-acted comedic beats that subvert audience expectations, the most significant being when Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman, which was not in the original script. Pirates of the CaribbeanJames Bond and star wars are other major franchises that have found ways to incorporate humorous jokes, quips, and protagonists into their stories to entertain audiences. Marvel Studios is just following in the footsteps of the greats.

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Source: Deadline (via LeDirect)

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