Epic new X-Men comic ‘Destiny of X’ Relaunch revealed by Marvel

Marvel Comics has officially announced the next wave of X-Men titles, introducing the mutantkind into the mysterious and ominous Destiny of X!

Marvel Comics has announced the full lineup for the upcoming X Men to restart, Fate of X. In 2019, legendary comic book writer Jonathan Hickman relaunched the X-Men franchise, creating a whole new status quo for mutants, in which the entire mutant race – heroes and villains alike – had gathered on the living island of Krakoa. Hickman leaves the X-Men books after the current Hell miniseries, and Marvel is starting to set the stage for what’s to come.

Marvel has already announced an upcoming Wolverine event, Wolverine’s Lives and Deaths X. This will be followed by a new era of X-Men comics, called “Destiny of X”. The main theme remains a mystery for now, but teasers have suggested he will explore several alternate future timelines. The X-Men books have always been about time travel, so it only makes sense that Marvel would give this concept a new twist in preparation for the latest relaunch.


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Now, Marvel Comics has officially announced the next wave of X-Men titles, along with an exciting teaser image. According to Marvel, the next X-Men books are:

  • Immortal x-men
  • Knights of X
  • Legion of X
  • X-Men Red
  • Marauders, with a new creative team
  • X Men
  • X-Force
  • New mutants
  • Wolverine
X-Men Fate of X

Four of these titles are in progress – New mutants, X Men, Wolverine, and X-Force – and there is no indication of any changes in the creative teams, although Marvel promises, “revolutionary status quo changes.Perhaps the most interesting detail in the promo image is the fact that the recently resurrected Destiny is counted among the mutants shown. Jonathan Hickman’s Hell The plot explores the fallout from his resurrection, as all precogs are feared by Xavier and Magneto’s secret ally, Moira MacTaggert, who has attempted to prevent any precogs from being resurrected in Krakoa. It is therefore significant that another precog is displayed in the image; stood next to Destiny is Blindfold, who passed away shortly before the Hickman era and is clearly back. Marvel may have accidentally teased the ending of Hell, because they have apparently confirmed that Moira MacTaggert is losing her secret influence over Krakoa – while Destiny remains a powerful actor.

According to editor Jordan D. White, this all stems from filling the last two seats on the Krakoa Quiet Council. “With the two empty seats on the board filling up, X’s reign is over, and it’s time for the mutants to reach their destiny,He teased in an official press release. The two new appointees to the Silent Council are Destiny and Colossus, although the X-Men are unaware that Colossus is a traitor – he is under the psychic control of a enemy. Meanwhile, it is striking that the image promotion for Destiny of X “features a black background, deliberately contrasting with the verdant greens of the original Hickman-era teases; this suggests thematic obscurity, perhaps related to the betrayal of Colossus, or a degree of secrecy on the part of Marvel – because the magnitude of the changes to the X MenThe world of is too big and they don’t want to give readers a glimpse of it yet.

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