Eternals’ Captain America Plan Would’ve Made Post-Credits Worse

Marvel originally toyed with the idea of ​​Sam Wilson’s Captain America being in Eternal’s end credits, but that would have been a mistake.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Eternals.

One of the potential end credits scenes for Eternals was going to include Sam Wilson’s Captain America, but that would have undermined the most unique aspect of the Marvel movie. Chloe Zhao’s film is the first MCU outing to receive rather mixed reviews (at least during its theatrical release), with fans lamenting its relative isolation from the rest of Marvel’s superheroes. The original plan to include Captain America would have made him feel more connected to the MCU, however, it also likely would have opened him up to further criticism for different reasons.


Eternals has two end credits scenes. The mid-credits scene introduces Thanos’ brother, Eros (played by Harry Styles), while the post-credits scene sees Mahershala Ali’s off-screen debut as Blade. Reaction to the two end-credits scenes was mixed at best, with Blade’s introduction being particularly disappointing given the anticipation fans had for the characters’ arrival in the MCU. The writers of EternalsKaz and Ryan Firpo said Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) was originally going to make an appearance as Captain America, but ultimately decided the Avenger had his hands full with his own adventures in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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While including any Avenger in another MCU project is always fun, the decision to let Eternals being separated (for now) from existing Marvel heroes was the right choice. EternalsThe end credits aren’t great, but they at least fit the movie’s characters and their story going forward (as opposed to setting up the next Avengers-level threat). Introducing Sam Wilson’s Captain America to the Eternals at this point would have been overkill in terms of dragging the film into the MCU as it tries to find its own voice. EternalsIts separation from the rest of the MCU and its lack of established characters is one of its most distinguishing qualities from other Marvel movies and shows.

While there are currently no details on what the Captain America scene would have been, it’s likely the connection would have felt forced and also sparked further criticism of Eternals as existing only to serve other Marvel stories. Similar criticisms were leveled at Avengers: Age of Ultron, who was more interested in setting up Phase 3 and the Infinity Stones than his own story. The inclusion of Sam Wilson would also have had an air of déjà vu. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has a similar end-credits encounter scene, with Shang Chi and Katy meeting Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner.

Marvel has a slew of upcoming content where the Eternals can interact with Sam Wilson’s Captain America or one of the other Avengers. For now, however, the configuration Eternals gives in its end credits enough to allow the characters to continue their journey. The introduction of Eros (aka Starfox) expands the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe the Eternals will be central to and hints at the return of Thanos. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the intertwined future of Blade and Dane is set to expand Marvel’s nascent supernatural genre in new and interesting ways.

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