Eternals Star Kit Harington speaks on leaked post-credit scene


Moments after Chloe Zhao’s Eternals held its Hollywood premiere earlier this month, a few of the attendees opted to spoil the film’s post-credits scenes online. Instead of fans waiting for the film to receive a wide spread, Twitter was quickly filled with people spreading the leaks at a rapid pace and for the most part, spoilers were inevitable. The situation was so widespread that even some of Disney’s top marketing executives begged people to stop.

While Eternals Star Kit Harington was not immediately aware that the scenes in question had leaked online, the actor said in a recent interview that fans of the franchise should be able to go to the movies and experience the scenes for themselves with spoilers in advance.

“Honestly, I didn’t know it was. I’ve lived in a world where spoilers have been happening for a long time. I realize they can happen. It’s just disappointing that people do.” Harington said in a recent interview with The Playlist.

He added: “Let people go to the movies and experience it when they pay for their ticket and do it that way, rather than stream it online where they might not realize they stumble upon it. Things.”

Interestingly enough, Harington only plays Dane Whitman in the movie and not his superhero counterpart. Eternals producer Nate Moore confirmed this publicly during a visit to the film’s set last January.

“We think he’s interesting and a great character and actually Kit Harington, who just finished yesterday, was fantastic, but we’re exploring the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi a lot, which is still something for tape readers. comic books, ”Moore told the site during a set visit during the main shoot.

He added, “You won’t see the Ebony Blade in this movie. He won’t necessarily be a Dark Knight, but it’s something we can play with later.”

Eternals is currently scheduled for November 5.

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