Ethan Hawke Shares His Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters

moon knight star Ethan Hawke revealed his favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they might not be who you think.

During Q&A held on the Marvel Studios Instagram account, Hawke chose two MCU characters that he ranks above the rest. One of them should come as no shock while the other is a more obscure newcomer.

“It would be very easy to say Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man because that’s still a high watermark for me, but in truth I think I have Vincent D’Onofrio to thank as Wilson Fisk. It’s a great character portrayal, it’s a great performance, and when I took this job, I was aiming for it.

Like Hawke, who made his first MCU appearance as Arthur Harrow in Disney Plus’ moon knightD’Onofrio made his first appearance in the MCU during the final episodes of Hawk Eye.

D’Onofrio had played the character previously on Netflix daredevil, before the series was acquired by Disney earlier this year. The star was praised by many for portraying Kingpin perfectly, bringing likability and charm to a character who, in the comics, was just a simple villain.

As for Hawke, fans will learn more about Harrow’s future in the MCU when moon knight airs its final episode on May 4.

If you haven’t checked yet moon knight you can stream the first five episodes of the show on Disney Plus now.

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