Even Marvel thinks too many end-of-universe crossovers are boring


Even Marvel Comics thinks the industry is full of end-of-the-world crossover events – and they warn readers just as much in a Deadpool comic.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White and Blood # 2!

The abundance of epic universe-ending crossover events in the comics are becoming obsolete and Marvel Comics is using a dead Pool comic book to alert readers to the problem. The house built by Stan Lee and the Distinguished Competition (DC Comics) are also guilty; readers cannot believe that the universe will end only a certain number of times. Deadpool: Black, White and Blood # 2 says the same in history Pool of death?, both written and illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson with letters from Joe Sabino of VC.

Deadpool: black, white and blood is an anthology series starring fan favorite Merc with a Mouth on various adventures. Deadpool teamed up with Honey Badger to take down a corrupt executive tasked with turning animals into zombies, hunted from afar for a VHS copy of Bea Arthur’s film Hotline to the sky, and was momentarily under the control of Jessica Jones’ nemesis, Killgrave. But in Pool of death ?, a fun and heartwarming meta-narrative on the nature of writing also features Deadpool highlighting the ridiculous end of the world crossovers in the comics.

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The writer (Daniel Warren Johnson in a cameo in the comic) sits in his apartment and discusses his writers block with Deadpool. They discuss every possible scenario – fighting the Hulk, teaming up with Cable – but all of them have already been tried. When Deadpool mentions that the stories are too violent, asking if the writer believes he “… pulls and cuts things 24/7? A man needs a hobby! We need a new look! “, the writer decides to create a story with Deadpool going on a date with the mutant Dazzler. But things quickly escalate: the writer engages them in a swing dance competition that will end the universe if Deadpool and Dazzler do not emerge victorious.

“No no no!” said the writer (on Deadpool’s protests). The scene suddenly returns to the writer’s apartment. While it’s true that the Writer suffers from Writer Block (and he admits he wouldn’t know how to end the story anyway), this could also be Marvel’s way of harshly criticizing the stories that begin with crossovers and end with the fate of all existence hanging in the balance. Stories like Secret Wars, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Secret Empire had huge, world-changing stakes – but readers lose interest if the stories lose sight of the characters in these stories. DC’s various “Crisis” crossovers are a perfect example of this: surely the reader knows that the world and / or the universe will remain after the crossover is over (how else would the comics continue?).

Pool of death? ends with a very personal moment: the writer remembering his father buying his first dead Pool comic. It’s an effective way to end a story and an equally effective way to communicate the importance of small issues as opposed to big ones in comics. Despite its propensity for violence and vulgarity, dead Pool can inspire and help others as much as any other Marvel superhero.

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