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From cult comedies to Marvel movies, Taika Waititi has proven to be a truly talented filmmaker, but which of his films has gotten the best reviews?

If there’s one thing that Marvel Stan, comedy snobs, and the New Zealand nation can all agree on, it’s that Taika Waititi is a truly talented filmmaker. Some of his films have been more successful than others, but it would be quite difficult to find a reviewer who was not entertained by at least one of his popular comedies. But which Taika Waititi film has had the most critical acclaim?

Before Thor: Love and Thunder and international football comedy Next goal wins coming out in 2022, here’s how the director’s top six films rank in terms of average Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes scores.

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Eagle vs. Shark – 55%

Eagle vs. Shark

Taika Waititi’s directorial debut, 2007 Eagle vs. Shark, is widely recognized as his weakest and the only one with a “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes. With Jemaine Clément from Theft of concordes and Loren Horsley as an eccentric couple who fall in love at a costume party, Eagle vs. Shark didn’t do too much to stand out from the myriad of awkward post-indie comediesNapoleon Dynamite and was a bit too tweeed for most reviewers to take full advantage of.

Todd McCarthy’s review for Variety summed up the film as “innocently sweet and inconsequential”.

Bunny Jojo – 69 percent

Taika Waititi as hitler in Jojo Rabbit

Bunny JojoRotten Tomatoes’ 80 percent score is much higher than its metacritical score of 58. The majority of critics liked Waititi’s World War II drama in 2019, loosely based on the novel. Caged skies by Christine Leunens, but some had issues with her tonal clashes and a few downright hated the movie, which skewed the Metacritic average.

Given that this is a film about a boy whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler (played by Waititi himself), discovering that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl, it is understandable that people have strong feelings. reactions in all directions. However, it ultimately won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. As Peter Travers wrote in Rolling stone, “Love it or hate it, Taika Waititi’s singularly silly take on the coming-of-age WWII film is nearly impossible to shake.”

Boy – 79 percent

Boy Taika Waititi

Waititi’s film in 2010 Boy is about an 11-year-old Maori boy obsessed with Michael Jackson who meets his father, Alamein (Waititi), who has just been released from prison. Workshop at Sundance Writer’s Lab and exploration of coming-of-age themes that the director then delved into in Wild Hunt and Bunny Jojo, Boy was a big hit in New Zealand, breaking box office records for local production.

In his review for The Boston Globe, Ty Burr described Boy as “hyper-stylized, funny, crowd pleaser”.

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Thor: Ragnarok – 83.5%

One of the most critically acclaimed entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok has proven that Waititi can pull off stunning action scenes while exerting his proven comedic strengths. Ragnarok pitted Thor and Loki against the colonial legacy of their sister Hela and Asgard, gave the Hulk greater visibility, and introduced new characters like Valkyrie.

Revitalize the franchise after the disappointment of Thor: The Dark World, The Washington Post‘s Michael Sullivan called Thor: Ragnarok “a movie which, to put it in terms the writers of the movie might appreciate, is really needed.”

What we do behind the scenes – 86 percent

Co-written and co-directed by Jemaine Clement, who also starred in the film alongside Waititi, the 2014 mock documentary What we do in the shadows has become a cult favorite among horror and comedy fans for its original portrayal of vampires living together in New Zealand. The cultural imprint of this film continues to grow with two successful television spinoffs: Wellington Paranormal and the American What we do in the shadows spectacle.

From the original film, Claudia Puig wrote in United States today, “Yes dusk made you feel sick and Dark shadows felt like a missed opportunity, this perfect genre parody is worth savoring. “

Wilderpeople Hunt – 89 percent

Wild Hunt

Waititi’s most beloved movie to date is 2016 Wild Hunt, based on the book Wild pork and watercress by Barry Crump. The story of a young offender and his adoptive father on the run from Children’s Services is full of humor and heart, with Julian Dennison and Sam Neill giving great performances as complex lead characters.

The film was a popular crowd pleaser, shattering BoyNew Zealand box office records. In his review for The Philadelphia Investigator, Tirdad Derakhshani described Wild hunt as being “as perfect a movie as I have ever seen”, praising its “savage mix of absurd humor and pathos”.

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