Everything the Paper Girls TV Show Changes From the Comics

This article contains spoilers for paper girls season 1.

paper girls season 1 is inspired by the award-winning comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson – but it brings many changes. Comic book adaptations have now become one of the biggest genres, dominating the film industry and thriving on the small screen as well. Naturally, however, adaptations from one medium to another require changes.

In the case of paper girls, the biggest change is in terms of scale, with some of the most spectacular events – such as the battles between STF Underground and Old Watch mechas – reduced to a few key scenes, rather than forming an often destructive backdrop. It’s a smart approach, undoubtedly reducing the VFX budget, but it also means that Amazon paper girls TV series can focus more on character dynamics. Vaughan and Chiang served as executive producers, and they’re thrilled with the changes; as Vaughan said in an interview (via Los Angeles Times), “Our showrunner Chris Rogers says something I love. He says he didn’t want to do a karaoke version of our book, which just goes beat for beat…and I appreciate that. As a viewer of this show, I want to be surprised even if I wrote this thing.


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According to him, the key to paper girls lies both in its fundamental relationships and in the “antinostalgia— a theme that nicely differentiates the show from the 1980s cinematic nostalgia of stranger things (to which paper girls has been unwisely compared). The Amazon TV series certainly maintains both, but oddly some of its character arcs actually serve to enhance those seen in the comics. Here are all the major changes from the comics in paper girls season 1.

Larry Arc from Paper Girls is a great new addition

The Paper Girls Larry

The comics don’t spend much time with members of the STF Underground, which means one side of the Time War is frankly underdeveloped. from Amazon paper girls The TV show acknowledges this and takes the time to flesh out the character of Larry Radakowski (Nate Corddry). The Paper Girls cross paths with Larry at several points in the timeline, and he has the curious distinction of dying not once but twice – the second coming being somewhat surprising, as his death in 1999 means Grandpa personally changed the timeline. . , belying his claim to be a protector of history who fights to preserve existence.

Paper Girls Season 1 Explores Mac’s Family Background

Mac in Paper Girls

The storyline based on the emotion of paper girls means the show’s cast are truly tested, with each forced to face their own future. This is especially the case for Sofia Rosinsky’s Mac Coyle, who discovers that she is destined to die of cancer (in the comics, she eventually learned that this rare form of cancer was actually caused by her trip to time). This plot is pulled straight from the comics, but Amazon paper girls The TV series dives into it in much more detail, with Mac meeting his brother in 2019 and finding out how his death changed his life. Mac’s emotional journey becomes much more heartbreaking, as she realizes her death has forced her to pull herself together, and even considers staying in 2019 with her family – an option quickly banished when the Old Watch finds her. Curiously, however, the most powerful scene of all involves Mac’s stepmother, whom she crosses paths with in 1999 – and who loved Mac far more than she thought. It’s all a wonderful extension of the comic.

KJ’s journey of self-discovery is handled much more efficiently

PaperGirls season 1 episode 101 Riley Lai Nelet and Erin Tieng Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman Sofia Rosinsky as Mac Coyle

paper girls‘ Time travel leaves Fina Strazza’s KJ Brandman shaken when she finds out she’s a lesbian. In the comics, this realization came from visions of the future triggered when KJ touched an artifact that had traveled back in time – and, among other things, she glimpsed a future kiss between her and Mac. The paper girls The TV series handles this much better, with a much more organic story in which KJ visits her family home in 1999 and sees herself with her girlfriend. This is followed by a remarkably sweet story of self-discovery, with KJ exploring her own future and trying to figure out how to get out. “One of my favorite scenes [in the show] it’s when KJ goes to the movies,paper girls artist Cliff Chiang told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s such a beautiful and poetic scene where she is able to talk about art and love to her older girlfriend. It’s such a beautiful scene because it really encapsulates all the discoveries that you make at that age, at 12, and discover things about yourself and what you want to become.There’s still a later romance with Mac, which KJ realizes she’s attracted to, but again the dynamic feels a lot more natural.

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Tiffany is linked to the discovery of time travel

The paper girls stare at the time war

Camryn Jones’ Tiffany Quilkin is the least developed of the Paper Girls in the comics, but she becomes a key player in the Amazon TV series – destined to be involved in the discovery of time travel. The end of paper girls Season 1 suggests that Tiffany is actually part of a time loop, as she left her future self with a notebook from Larry containing details of the Folds – wormholes that allow time travel. In the comics, the Paper Girls first meet the scientist who discovered time travel while they’re stuck in prehistory – but that whole adventure seems to have been cut out altogether.

The Prioress Twist takes Stranger Things season 1 in a very different direction

The prioress in Paper Girls

This set up the series’ biggest change – a finale in which the Prioress (Adina Porter) betrays the Old Watch, sending the children back in time. The Prioress’ turn is triggered by the realization that one of these girls is Tiffany Quilkin; if Tiffany can persuade her future self not to discover time travel, then the entire timeline will be altered and the Time War will be erased. In the comics, the Prioress remained loyal to the Old Watch until her death, so it’s a very different arc for the character. This sets up a paper girls season 2 which has little to do with the comics themselves is the whole point; according to Vaughan, the creative team wanted “Wikipedia test” the end, so no one could predict where and when paper girls would then go.

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