Filming for Marvel’s Secret Invasion is almost done

Production continues to progress on Marvel’s Secret Invasion, as filming for the next miniseries nears completion, according to a report.

The Secret Invasion arrives, as production on Marvel’s next movie Secret Invasion The miniseries continues to move forward, with a report claiming that filming for the series is nearly complete.

Although Marvel Studios has yet to confirm exactly how far along with filming on Secret Invasion is currently, an industry insider believes the production stage of the show is almost ready to wrap up. “Secret Invasion filming is almost complete,” insider Charles Murphy tweeted. Although Murphy didn’t provide further details, if his report is accurate, it would seem likely that Secret Invasion may achieve its first target at an unannounced date later this year.

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Secret Invasion is currently filming in Halifax, England under the working title “Jambalaya”, with Marvel Studios securing access to the city’s Piece Hall between January 24-31. Although the working title is intended to be secret, fans were able to glean a few details. on the show when behind-the-scenes footage and clips from the production surfaced online. The preview indicated that at least one scene would take place in Russia, as signs reading ‘National Unity Day’ written in Russian were spotted on set.

Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson confirmed he started filming the miniseries in October last year, posting on Instagram with the caption: “Time to get back into the groove . Glad to be back on the attack! #Secret Invasion.” Join Jackson in Secret Invasion, Marvel recently confirmed that actor Cobie Smulders would return as Fury’s confidante and former Deputy Director of SHIELD, Maria Hill. His appearance in the miniseries will mark the first time in several years that Hill has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the character was last seen in 2019. Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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True to its namesake, few details are currently known about Secret Invasion, but fans might have speculated about the appearance of a certain alien race when the show revealed its official logo late last year. Although Marvel has already confirmed that the series will follow the invasion of Earth by the shape-shifting Skrulls, the inclusion of a green and purple color scheme has some fans speculating whether the logo colors could also suggest a appearance by the Phalanx, a largely unknown. villain of the x-men comic books.

The six episodes Secret Invasion The miniseries currently doesn’t have a release date, though it’s slated to premiere on Disney+ later this year.

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