Fortnite Leaks Hints Spider-Man Crossover Coming Soon

According to recent rumors, Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man and his webs may soon find their way into Fortnite as the game’s next crossover character.

A recent leak suggests that Marvel’s iconic Spider-Man on wall crawlers will soon be added to Fortnite in another high-profile crossover. Epic Games’ beloved Battle Royale shooter has become well known for its many crossovers with movies, TV series, comics, and other video games. Fortnite‘s crossover with Naruto Shippuden was the game’s most recent team event, and it was considerably more substantial than a typical collaboration.

The most of FortniteCrossovers consist of skins and cosmetic items that players can purchase and then wear in-game. Thanks to the game’s large number of crossovers, players can be seen running around in disguise as Deadpool, Batman, The walking deadis Daryl Dixon, or Duneis Paul Atréides. However, the game’s recent crossover with the iconic Naruto Shippuden The animated series went above and beyond by introducing a detailed new Creative Hub alongside several cosmetic products. This personalized map recreates the show’s Hidden Leaf Village, allowing players to immerse themselves in the fictional ninja community. A cross between Fortnite and Boba Fett’s book was also recently announced, though time will tell if this collaboration translates into simple cosmetic skins or more substantial battle royale content.


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An apparent leak of Fortnite Intel, a well considered Fortnite Twitter account leak, suggests Spider-Man will arrive in the game soon. Although few details are provided, the leak specifies that the web superhero will not make an appearance until the start of the game’s next season 9. This version could be intended to be linked to the release of Spider-Man: No Path Home, the highly anticipated film which will be released on December 17th. Other Marvel heroes like Deadpool and Captain America are already available as Fortnite skins, so the addition of the company’s most beloved hero feels natural.

Considering Spider-Man’s massive popularity, it may come as a surprise that the acrobatic arachnid isn’t already present in Fortnite. However, repeated rumors have indicated that the friendly neighborhood crime fighter has been added to the shooter in the past. A recent rumor regarding Fortnite and Spider-Man suggested that the Marvel hero would be introduced to the game alongside an all-new web swing mechanic. A mysterious object named “WestSausage” is believed to be in fact a web-based shooter, as the game files refer to sweeping physics that is not already present in the game.

As Marvel’s most recognizable and beloved superhero, Spider-Man appears to be a shoo-in for inclusion in Fortnite. The character would be at home alongside other crossover characters, and his addition could easily coincide with next month’s release of Spider-Man: No Path Home. While the creepy crossover is still just a rumor, the leak suggests that an official announcement from Spider Man could happen in the near future.

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Source: Fortnite Intel / Twitter

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