Full Circle is sci-fi superhero perfection

Warning! Spoilers for Fantastic Four: Full Circle by Abrams Books

In Alex Ross’ new graphic novel, Fantastic Four: Full Circle, the talented artist brilliantly tackles Marvel’s First Family in a new adventure that ends up being superhero sci-fi perfection. With excellent characterizations, a gripping story taking the heroes into the darkest corners of the Negative Zone, and Ross changing his signature art style to reflect the first era of the Fantastic Four leading to some of the best work of his career, Fantastic Four: Full Circle ends up being a masterclass in how to tell modern Fantastic Four stories.


Alex Ross is one of the most acclaimed comic book artists and writers, as his painted interiors and hyper-realistic covers are often cited among the best narrative comics ever offered. Mind-blowing work from Ross alongside Mark Waid in the DC epic kingdom come to his award-winning art in wonders alongside Kurt Busiek, Ross is an industry legend. However, one aspect of Ross’ work that is not sufficiently recognized is his writing ability. Almost all of Ross’s most acclaimed works feature him as a co-writer – and in a new Marvel Comics project for Abrams Book, Ross shows off his talent while taking on the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four: Full Circle.

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In Fantastic Four: Full Circle by Alex Rossthe story, which is tied to the adventures of a classic Jack Kirby story in The Fantastic Four #51, features a mysterious yet recognizable being crashing into the lives of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny, leading them on a cosmic adventure to the Negative Zone, where further truths and revelations are made. The legendary creator tries something different, keeping his usual style of realism and embracing the pop art style of the 1960s, making the story feel like a Kirby adventure with highly stylized work that readers won’t notice. maybe not expect Ross. However, he makes the brilliant creative choice to use his realism in flashbacks to key FF moments, bringing out familiar scenes in his distinct style. The result is a retro-inspired book, brimming with cosmic detail and vibrant color. The Fantastic Four’s journey into the Negative Zone and its gruesome monsters are both claustrophobic and awe-inspiring. However, in other scenes, such as on Earth inside the anti-matter universe, the scale seems massive, with incredible, Kirby-like perspectives that make it look like Ross is showing up, revealing beauty under the monstrous reality.

While Ross’ art is unsurprisingly excellent, his writing really shines in the graphic novel. Fantastic Four: Full Circle it looks like it could have been released 60 years ago, as it successfully captures the style and spirit of the times while delivering a sci-fi adventure that builds on the beloved traditions of the super team. Ross clearly understands the characters, as Reed Richard’s quest for knowledge and discovery, Sue Storm’s grace and powers, Johnny Storm’s lovable smugness, and Ben Grimm’s presence and banter bring out the best in each hero. . With Marvel recently deciding to form a new creative team with the Fantastic Four, the publisher would be wise to give Ross a series featuring Marvel’s First Family or have him continue writing and drawing FF books for Abrams Books. .

Intimate storytelling, character work, retro-inspired art, and an understanding of what makes the Fantastic Four great lead Ross to hit a home run with Fantastic Four: Full Circle. For fans of the Fantastic Four and sci-fi, the graphic novel is a must-read, as it embraces the characters’ best qualities and offers a special story showing why they’re so important in the universe. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Alex Ross write and draw the Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four: Full Circle from Abrams Books is now in comic books and bookstores.

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