Guardians of the Galaxy lets Rocket grow in ways the MCU won’t


While the MCU’s Rocket Raccoon may struggle to get along with his fellow Guardians, the comics have allowed him to grow and evolve.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Guardians of the Galaxy # 18

Recent issues of guardians of the galaxy from Marvel Comics have enabled Rocket raccoon grow and evolve, deviating from its representation in the MCU. While The last annihilation, Rocket has become a major actor and hero, and Nathan Summers’ Cable even confirms that Rocket’s legacy going forward is that of a legend who has inspired many (including Cable himself). However, the MCUs guardians of the galaxy the films feature Rocket struggling to get along with his teammates, such as when he argues with Peter Quill over who is the best driver (to the detriment of the whole team).

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Rocket is still a pretty big jerk to his teammates despite the Guardians growing up on their first adventure. Essentially, his self-centered attitude continued to prevail for the majority of the film, such as when he stole rare Anulax batteries from the Sovereign People, causing all kinds of trouble for the Guardians. He made matters worse by starting an argument with Star-Lord over who should be piloting their ship to get them out of harm’s way, which resulted in the crash landing of Milan.

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On the other hand, Marvel Comics returns the script in guardians of the galaxy # 18 Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri. Although Rocket collected and crafted a planet-sized pistol with a massive anti-magic bullet to use against Dormammu during The last annihilation, Rocket did not insist on firing the impressive weapon. Instead, he was gracious and humble enough to realize that the preferred Guardian to do the deed with the best chance of success was Gamora, showing the growth he had had over the MCU version of Rocket. Raccoon.


Not only is this a pretty cool deviation from the big screen that highlights the evolution of the Rocket comic book, but the recent Recharged cable # 1 Al Ewing and Robert Quinn double. Cable was instrumental in securing the weapon for The last annihilation, and as soon as he heard that the idea came from Rocket, he was definitely on board. Apparently, future generations consider Rocket to be one of the greatest heroes and tacticians of all time, further proving that he may be more than the moron thief he’s been portrayed as in the MCU.

Fortunately, Avengers: Endgame saw Rocket determined to get his friends back, an indication that he truly understood the importance of the family he had after losing everything for Infinity war. Now that the Guardians are all assembled after-End of Game, here we are, hoping Rocket raccoon may experience the same levels of sustainable, consistent growth in the MCU going forward that it has had in Marvel Comics’ guardians of the galaxy series.

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