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As if the new Hawk Eye The series arriving on Disney + on November 24 is not exciting enough for Marvel fans, Master Archer followers are entitled to the podcast Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye. This is the second installment of the 10-episode audio epic written by J. Holtham (Jessica jones) and directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown).

The scripted podcast is from both Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM, featuring original sound design by One Thousand Birds and original score by James Harrison Monaco and Jerome Ellis. It stars Stephen Lang (Avatar) like Hawkeye, Tracie Thoms (To rent) like Kate Bishop, and Sasha Lane (Loki) like Ash.

This dystopian story immerses listeners in a world of thirty years ago with a warped reality in which the villains killed all the heroes, including the Avengers. The only one surviving is Hawkeye, and he’s not doing well. Working like a show freak, he can’t face the memories of the worst day of his life. Yet he has not lost his desire to avenge his fallen allies.

Everything changes when her distant daughter, Ash, 17, arrives and recruits her father on a mission of revenge after her loved one is also killed. A key ally Hawkeye works with in both the comics and the podcast, as well as the upcoming Disney miniseries, is Kate Bishop.

While Kate will be played by Hailee Steinfeld in the live-action series, fans will have a fierce introduction to her during the podcast that they won’t soon forget.

BGN caught up with stage and film actress Tracie Thoms to learn more about her experience as Bishop’s voice, her Marvel favorites, and even her dreams of being a part of the live-action MCU.

“The podcast is before we get the Hawk Eye series, ”said Thoms. “I don’t have a benchmark for her in live action, so I can kind of make her mine. Looking at his circumstances and his journey with Hawkeye and the Young Avengers and seeing what that trajectory would look like, I was able to put myself in the present moment. She’s a woman who’s been through it all and has dedicated her life to fighting crime, for better speechlessness – she fights really, really mean people.

In the comics, Kate joins the Young Avengers after her mother’s death and her father’s criminal activity. She receives Captain America’s blessing, then takes over Clint Barton’s role as Hawkeye after she thinks he’s dead.

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