Hawkeye Episode 3: MCU Easter Eggs and Marvel Comics References

Wilson Fisk, the pivot

  • Several times in the episode, Echo’s “uncle” is brought up and a tall man in a suit is very briefly seen touching her face as a child. Each arrow (heh) indicates that it is Wilson Fisk, the pivot. This is an interesting inclusion, as it was only used for Netflix Marvel shows, namely daredevil. Especially with the introduction of the Disney + Marvel shows, the events of the Netflix shows have mostly been swept under the rug and been more or less seen as non-canon compared to the main MCU, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.
  • In fact, the conversation between Echo and his father about being deaf in a regular school and the existence of dragons seems to have a double meaning on how Netflix Marvel fits in. Echo exists in two worlds. How it works? You just have to watch and deal with it. The discussion that dragons are stronger if they exist in “our world” could also be linked to how the Kingpin is canonically more dangerous if he can hold power in a world where even the Avengers are aware. that there is (as we see in Clint’s conversation with Kate in Washington Square Park).
  • When Ronin kills Echo’s father, the tracksuit mafia is shown to run a business called “Fat Man Auto Repair,” which looks as much like a front for a Wilson Fisk business as we will ever hear.
  • We even briefly hear the mystery man laughing, and he looks a lot like Vincent D’Onofrio. Basically it looks like it’s happening.

The car chase

  • The highlights of this incredible car chase are taken straight from the pages of Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth’s 2012 Hawk Eye series, Hawk Eye # 3 to be exact. All the basics are there, the two Hawkeyes (although here it’s Kate driving, not Clint … as he wanted here), the mislabeled trap arrows, Kate shooting an arrow in the air on the bridge, etc. . That’s a classic question from a classic series, and it’s beautifully translated to the screen here.
  • The vintage Dodge Challenger was also there (and was also totaled) … except that’s what the Hawkeyes drove, as it was the vehicle of one of Clint’s friends (who isn’t married in the comics). Here the car is in Echo.
  • And, of course, whenever there’s a massive car chase involving a Dodge Challenger, we have to think of the Steve McQueen classic. Bullitt. But the fact that it’s happening on the streets of New York in the dead of winter is reminiscent of the same badass The French connection.

Speaking of those trap arrows …

Hawkeye’s fictitious arrows

The takes on the arrows here are yet another passage between Hawkeyes from the comics to the MCU (this show loves to do that, and we’re okay with that). In the comics, Clint was heavily involved with the concept of the rigged arrow and being defensive about it. Kate found the whole thing to be incredibly stupid, gradually learning to respect them over time …

  • Here are all the arrows deployed in this car chase: Mastic Arrow, Diver Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Bola Arrow, Acid Arrow, Smoke Arrow (this one and Mastic Arrow look extremely cool), Pym Arrow (that’s awesome), and the USB arrow. By contrast, in the comic this scene was based on we had the bola arrow, the acid arrow, the mastic arrow (which is ultimately what he used to defeat the tracksuits), the sonic arrow, the explosive arrow, Cable boom, smoke bomb boom, rocket boom, piston boom, electro boom and boomerang boom. A mesh arrow was mentioned, but was not used.
  • In the Fraction race, Kate mostly found the USB arrow to be a waste. Keep in mind that she didn’t have to film it, just manually inserted it into a computer. It’s quite funny that the USB Arrow is considered the weakest and most useless weapon in Hawkeye’s arsenal when it’s in. What if…?, he actually saved the multiverse by subduing Infinity Ultron.

Dog Pizza

Kate finally names her foster dog Pizza Dog. It’s more of a fan nickname for the comic book version, whose original name was Arrow before Clint changed it to Lucky. Just call him “very good boy” and we’re happy.

The tracksuit mafia

  • The tracksuit mafia hideout was an abandoned old KB Toys. Anyone who owned this property must have really let this go to waste, as KB Toys has been bankrupt since 2009. Granted, there was an attempted relaunch in 2018, but never found the funding to go anywhere. I guess in the MCU that revival has happened, only for the business to fall apart yet again.
  • Funny enough that one of the Tracksuit Mafia henchmen likes Imagine Dragons while one of the previous scenes is about Echo and his father imagining dragons? Likewise, their moving commercial slogan “Smile! You move ! is basically the way they behaved towards the two Hawkeyes in the warehouse.

Who is Kazy?

Kazimierz Kazimierczak (played by Fra Fee) is known as “the Clown” in the pages of Marvel Comics. He’s a mercenary hitman who arrived in the United States after a traumatic childhood in an Eastern European country. So far he’s played as a fairly reasonable lieutenant to Maya, but we’ll be interested to see if they take him down darker paths.

In the comics, he puts on a full-fledged Mime makeup when he goes out to do his business, but you can probably see why Marvel Studios might shy away from that live-action imagery.


When Clint says that Black Widow killed Ronin, he’s not lying entirely, “in some way,” as noted liar Obi-Wan Kenobi might say about the situation. It was Natasha who brought Clint back to the brink during his Ronin killings.

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