Hollywood is apparently more divided on vaccines than it looks


Apparently, Hollywood is not as unified on the COVID-19 vaccine front as the industry might have us believe. From a story in Hollywood journalist, There is a serious rift in Hollywood between those who received the COVID vaccine and those who did not, which has led to at least one case of a COVID outbreak rupture on a large film set.

According to the story, an A-list actor who was known to be “dismissive of vaccines and masks” contracted COVID during filming and had to be hospitalized. Apparently dozens of crew members fell ill and the film was forced to shut down for three weeks, costing the production company somewhere in the amount of seven figures. In the story written by Tatiana Siegel, Chris Gardner, and Borys case, THR refers to the actor using masculine pronouns, but does not reveal his identity, as the actor “did not violate any specific protocol on the project”. The actor in question declined THRasks to comment.

As of yet, there is no universal vaccine mandate in place in Hollywood, leaving individual producers to determine the COVID-19 protocols on each set. This has led to different proof of vaccination requirements on Hollywood sets and divergent results. The daily mail wrote in September that The offer, the next series of Paramount + on the making of The Godfather, was shaken when the star was reportedly unvaccinated Miles teller reportedly tested positive for COVID, which resulted in a production halt worth $ 6 million for the studio. At the time, Teller’s press secretary told the newspaper their “facts are incorrect,” while a Paramount + representative said THR that the number was less than $ 6 million.

At the other end of the spectrum, in July, the Oscar winner Sean Penn has left the NBCUniversal Watergate era limited series set Gas lit (co-starring Julia robert) and refused to return until all members of the production were vaccinated. In the end, Penn returned two months later with the compromise that everyone in Zone A, a category that typically includes key project players and key team members, get vaccinated. Penn expressed his views on the vaccine with many voices, recounting THR while promoting his film Flag day that he wants viewers to “stay home until you are convinced of these very clearly safe vaccines.”

Yet not all A-listers share Penn’s sentiment. Black Panther Star Letitia wright reportedly split from her entire American team after sharing an anti-vaccine video on social media. Through THR, Wright, who was hospitalized in August with minor injuries she sustained while filming Marvel Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever — continued to share his skepticism of the COVID vaccine during filming. Disney, Marvel’s parent studio, did not immediately respond to VFrequest for comments.

Despite the lack of a vaccine mandate for Hollywood, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) has worked with unions to establish COVID protocols on set in September 2020 that will remain in effect until October 31. 2021. After this point, it is not clear which way Hollywood will take on the vaccine front.

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