Hollywood Spoilers (May 9-12)

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Eric’s sinister behavior causes concern. Meanwhile, Joel makes a big decision about reuniting with Cleo, and Serena’s future is in question.

Here is a complete collection of the 10 greatest moments to come:

1. Eric lies about Joel’s disappearance

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A wild night out catches up with several Chester residents over the next week as they battle their hangovers and, in Cleo’s case, a missing boyfriend.

Eric tries to hide his involvement in Joel’s absence by implying that he saw him leave with another woman, but how long will the truth remain hidden?

2. Jean-Paul faces a dilemma


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As the Nightingales return to their home, John Paul faces a moral dilemma over whether to give in to James’ demands.

With James still behind bars, John Paul has a big decision to make – but what will he do?

3. Zoe and Sam make a big decision

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As memories of the previous night flood back to Zoe, she hurries to delete her embarrassing voicemail from Sam’s phone.

Later, she and Sam change their relationship, but what is it?

4. Serena’s future is in question

Serena Chenwilliams in Hollyoaks

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Serena reaches out to Clara as a last resort, wanting to prove she’s still Olympic level. However, Dave is worried about making a shocking discovery in Serena’s bag.

Reeling from recent events, Dave and Honor realize they have to make some tough decisions about Serena’s future.

Afterwards, a furious Serena refuses to speak to her parents. While Dave thinks they should keep pushing her, Honor steps back.

5. Grace makes a heartfelt confession

saul reeves and grace black in hollyoaks

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Grace begins to be bothered by the attention Saul receives in his uniform.

As she struggles with her feelings, Grace makes a heartfelt admission.

6. Eric’s behavior causes concern

eric foster in hollyoaks

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Next Wednesday’s First Look episode will open with a voiceover of Eric wondering what the world below the surface is really like. In the end, he came to a solemn conclusion.

However, Eric’s recent behavior has not gone unnoticed by his sister Verity. Worried about him, Verity decides to rent the McQueens’ trailer in Eric’s name so he can have his own space.

6. Joel makes a shock decision

cleo mcqueen and joel dexter in hollyoaks

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Joel gets a stern warning to stay away from Cleo, prompting him to start making amends.

When Joel’s guilt forces him to act impulsively again, he ends up making a shocking decision to rekindle his relationship with Cleo.

7. Maxine considers her future with Warren

warren fox and maxine minniver in hollyoaks

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As Maxine and Leela help Liberty pack the orders, the conversation turns to Maxine’s life with Warren. As the girls hint that her life may never be completely settled, Maxine begins to think about what her next step with Warren might look like.

Wanting to establish a foundation in their relationship, Maxine asks Warren to move in with her. But with Warren unsure if that’s what he still wants, could Maxine be heading for heartbreak?

8. Verity gives Eric a warning

theresa mcqueen, zoe anderson, verity hutchinson, eric foster and joel dexter in hollyoaks

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Settling into his new home, Eric locks himself in and vents his frustrations through writing. He is eventually coerced into The Dog by Verity, when she invites him for drinks with her and Cleo.

Trying to get by, Eric invites Joel into The Dog at the same time, but what does he have up his sleeve?

That remains to be seen, but a worried Verity steps into it when she suggests he could become like their father. As a result, Eric secretly swears to wash his hands of him.

9. Mercedes regains hope

mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks

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Hope is reborn for Mercedes when she discovers that Bobby will be going to the village to get his favorite comic book.

As Mercedes prepares for Bobby’s visit, will she get a chance to talk to him?

10. Maxine receives a new shock

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With her relationship with Warren up in the air, Maxine feels dizzy and passes out.

At the hospital, Misbah makes a disturbing suggestion, but what is it?

Hollyoaks now airs first on All 4, with new episodes dropping every weekday morning. The show airs Monday to Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and 7pm on E4.

Some omnibus episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video.

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