How Ben Reilly’s son became the daredevil of Spider-Girl’s world


Darkdevil, an ally of Spider-Girl and Daredevil from the MC2 universe, has a savage origin that ties him to Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

While Ben Reilly looks set to be Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, the Peter Parker clone has a deep history that spilled over into the wall robot world in the ’90s. losing importance, his heroic spirit survived in Darkdevil’s form.

Darkdevil hails from Earth-982, the MC2 universe. In this reality, classic Marvel heroes eventually aged and retired from active heroism (like Spider-Man) or died in the line of duty – leaving the stage open for a new generation of heroes like Spider-Man. -Girl, Wild Thing, J2 and American Dream take over for them.

One of the strangest of these heroes was easily Darkdevil, who effectively replaced the late Matt Murdock as New York’s street protector. But the full story behind Darkdevil makes him one of the most unique figures in his universe – with ties to several major heroes.

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Darkdevil was introduced in the years 1998 The spider girl # 2 by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe, with much of his origins revealed later Darkdevil miniseries by DeFalco and Ron Frenz. Becoming known as Reilly Tyne, the young man is the son of Spider-Man clone Ben Reilly and his former girlfriend Elizabeth, Reilly never knew his father – who sacrificed his life to protect Peter. during a battle with the Green Goblin. . He manifested his own variant of Peter Parker’s Spider-Powers as a teenager, but due to his clone nature, the same cellular degeneration that plagues most Spider-Clones began to affect Reilly as well. He was taken in by another Spider-Clone, Kaine, who sought to prevent degeneration and save him. Kaine put the young man in suspended animation as he researched cures and worked for Kingpin.

Witnessing Daredevil’s fatal wound, an enraged and heartbroken Kaine did his best to revive him – even summoning the demon Zarathos, who is usually associated with Ghost Rider, to try and bring the hero back to life. Seeing Reilly’s potential, Zarathos instead possessed him and made him appear demonic – only for Daredevil’s soul to come to his aid. Possessing Reilley’s body, Daredevil was able to force Zarathos out – leaving behind the demonic face and aspects of his mystical powers, such as teleportation and the power to create flaming magical weapons. The awakened Reilly learned to hide his appearance – and was strengthened by the spirit of Matt Murdock that still lived in him, which prompted him to pursue a career in law, while imbuing him with years of combat training and experience.

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Darkdevil has become one of the most consistent heroes to appear in MC2, often fighting alongside Spider-Girl. Due to their familiar bond, Darkdevil is secretly the cousin of May Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker and his wife Mary-Jane. Darkdevil kept this a secret for a while, aiding the fights against his Thief’s Gallery as an overt ally. Darkdevil ended up accepting Kaine as his “uncle” and even joined the New Warriors. At one point, he even revealed his identity to Mayday – who would come to openly refer to him as his cousin as a sign of connection. However, he still had to fight Zarathos’ influence in him – always hinting at a possible dark turn for the young man.

Darkdevil is perhaps one of the most ’90s characters, even though it was introduced towards the end of the decade. His connection to both the Spider-Clone saga and Ghost Rider mythology makes him a unique character. confusing character and the amount of skill and power at his disposal make him a particularly dangerous figure. But Darkdevil also served a big purpose as an expansion of the MC2 universe and a way to better tie the street crime and supernatural corners of the MC2 world directly to Spider-Girl via an unlikely family connection.

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