How Eternals Changes Dane Whitman From The Comics

Eternals made some notable changes to Dane Whitman for his transition from the comics to the MCU. Played by Kit Harington, Sersi’s modern love interest is the MCU’s interpretation of Black Knight, a major Marvel Comics superhero. Dane’s introduction provides Marvel Studios with one of the most important characters still missing from the MCU’s Avengers team.

When debuting in Phase 4, Dane only played a minor role in the story and never got a chance to dress up and help the Eternals save Earth. That being said, his comedic relationships ended up factoring in Eternals’ configuration for the future. Without revealing too much about his secret history or what his place will be in the MCU, Eternals laid the groundwork for Dane to take up the Ebon Blade and become the Dark Knight, who has long had a reputation as Marvel Comics‘ greatest swordsman. Exactly how and when his transformation will occur remains to be seen. Neither the Eternals nor Dane have any confirmed MCU appearances in the pipeline. Even so, the MCU is unlikely to drop so many clues about Dane’s Black Knight future without having a plan in place to make it happen.


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Regardless of when Dane returns, the MCU’s Black Knight will be a bit different from the sword-wielding Avenger who led the team in the 1990s. his relationship with Sersi, Eternals assured that. here’s how Eternals changed Dane Whitman from the comics.

The MCU gave Dane Whitman a new story


In Eternals, it was revealed early on that Harington’s character is a British professor who works as a historian at the Natural History Museum in London. The original version, on the other hand, was an American from a very different line of work. On his first appearance in Avengers #47, Dane was introduced as a physicist at the Willowton Research Center. At the time, he spent much of his time experimenting with magnetic rays. Her work caught the attention of Magneto, which is the event that ultimately launched her superhero career and association with the Avengers.

It should be noted that Marvel adjusting Dane’s career path is a substantive change that may not significantly alter Black Knight’s role in future teams. Dane’s expertise in physics was important to the Avengers’ battle against Magneto, but not really relevant to his later stories. With the Avengers relying primarily on the scientific minds of Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Black Panther, Black Knight’s knowledge as a physicist has rarely played a part in their adventures.

Dane Whitman’s relationship with Sersi (and the Gann Josin Bond)

Dane Whitman and Sersi watch Arishem return to Earth.

The idea of ​​Dane having a romance with Sersi (Gemma Chan) wasn’t an MCU invention, but the relationship itself didn’t have much in common with what happened between them in the material. source. In the avengers comics, Black Knight and Sersi only became romantically entangled after becoming teammates. In fact, the two were embroiled in a love triangle with Crystal. For most of their time together in the Avengers, it was actually Crystal who was the real object of his affections – not Sersi.

Dane was forced to bond with Sersi when the Eternals bound them to keep her from being driven mad by a disease called mahd w’yry. Due to Sersi being in love with him, the Eternals decided that only he could stop her from descending down a dark path. Known as the Gann Josin bond, their bond deeply affected Dane’s mental health and influenced several Black Knight storylines in the 1990s. Over time, Dane developed real feelings for Sersi.

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Rather than completely removing this classic avengers story, Eternals reworked elements of it to fit Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Don Lee) so that they instead receive the Gann Josin link. Since he and his love triangle with Sersi and Crystal were instrumental in his arc in the 1990s, Marvel may have to create new problems for him if he joins the Avengers in the MCU.

Dane Whitman’s Blade Connection

Eternals post credits sets up Blade MCU's future Dane Whitman

Eternals’ The post-credits scene established a surprising connection between Dane and Blade (Mahershala Ali) by having the latter warn him about touching the Ebony Blade. It’s implied that the Vampire Hunter will help guide Dane into the mystical side of the MCU by helping to develop an understanding of the powers of the sword and its heritage. Blade being part of Black Knight’s origin isn’t something that was inspired by the comics. After all, Dane’s comic introduction predated Blade’s by a few years. It’s true that they were allies of Captain Britain’s MI-13 team in the 2000s, but that was the extent of their relationship. Marvel Comics’ Dane didn’t need help from anyone outside of his family to become the Dark Knight.

Eternals’ Dane Whitman Is Comic Relief

Kit Harington Eternals Dane Whitman

In the few scenes Dane had in the film, his character provided comic relief through his interactions with Sprite (Lia McHugh), his reaction to Ikaris (Richard Madden), and his jokes about Sersi turning him into a giraffe. His sense of humor was far less prevalent in classic comics, where Dane was depicted as a more serious character akin to Captain America or Cyclops. This change wasn’t entirely unexpected, given that Marvel made similar personality changes to heroes like Star-Lord and Shang-Chi.

How Black Knight Got the Ebony Blade


Interestingly, the smallest changes Marvel made to the classic Avenger involve how Dane found the Ebon Blade. Based on what was said in the movie, it’s assumed that Dane got his hands on the sword after taking Sersi’s advice to try and mend his strained relationship with his uncle. Dane also became aware of his “complicatedfamily history, which he never had the opportunity to develop. This all differs only slightly from the comics, where Dane learned the truth after a fight between Iron Man and his uncle, Nathan Garrett, a version of the Black Knight who went from respected biologist to notorious criminal. In his final moments, Garrett bequeathed Dane the Dark Knight Mantle and the Ebon Blade. Dane accepted them in an attempt to restore Garret’s ruined reputation.

Since little is known about who the MCU’s Nathan Garrett really was, it’s hard to say if Dane will share his comic counterpart’s interest in saving his uncle’s image. Seemingly unlike the MCU character, Marvel Comics’ Dane Whitman didn’t know when he got the sword that Black Knight’s legacy went further back in his line than Garrett. It wasn’t until much later that he discovered the Ebon Blade’s blood curse and the fact that it had ties to his family history dating back to the Arthurian era. Even so, the tips included in Eternals suggest that Dane’s heritage is close (if not the same) as the character in the comics. So apart from the Blade connection and a few other changes, Eternals’ Dane Whitman is well on his way to receiving a mostly comically accurate Black Knight story in the MCU.

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