How long is the Spider-Man Heroic Event?

Marvel’s Avengers have a lot going for Spider-Man’s Heroic Mission chain, but that’s the only way to get the game’s iconic new costume.

Like the other characters in Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man comes with its own chain of heroic missions. However, there is a difference between his mission chain and the mission chain of other post-launch characters. Since Spider-Man does not have a personal campaign, the player will need to complete each objective through the Avengers Initiative online mode.

To complete Spider-Man’s chain of heroic missions, players will need to complete 18 stages. While some of these steps are straightforward and self-explanatory, others have sub-goals that will take a bit of skill to complete. Nevertheless, perseverance will be rewarded accordingly. In addition to a substantial amount of experience points, the player will also receive Legendary gear and the iconic Spider-Man costume.

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In-game screenshot of the Helicarrier social space on War Table in Marvel's Avengers.

First, the player must unlock Spider-Man. This can be done by participating in the Avengers Initiative and interacting with a spider web found on the Helicarrier. This triggers a cutscene that will reveal Spider-Man’s story and how he plays in the Avengers universe. Then the player can move on to step 2, which will require them to complete Spider-Man’s HARM training. The mission can be found in the Helicarrier social space on the War Table.

Stage 3, “I’ll Take Manhattan,” has three sub-goals. In addition to defeating 50 enemies, the player will also need to perform 15 signature attacks and 20 power attacks against them. The objective of Stage 4 is to raise Spider-Man’s public profile by completing two Warzones, while Stage 5 will see the player defeat three high-value targets. The fastest way to complete this stage is to go to the East Coast region on the War Table and choose to play a mission called “… And We’re Back!” During said mission, the player will find high value targets clustered in the area.

Unlike the previous stages, Stage 6 is for a quick chat with Liz Allan at the Ant Hill outpost. Once this objective is completed, step 7 will require the player to use the Spider-Man Wreckage skill to defeat 15 enemies. This skill is one of Spider-Man’s intrinsic abilities that allows him to take down an enemy without first stunning them. It can only be activated when the intrinsic counter is full and by pressing the circle and triangle buttons simultaneously. Likewise, Stage 8, also known as “Danger Zone,” makes the most of Spider-Man’s Assault and Ultimate Heroic abilities. It has two sub-objectives that will require the player to use Web Bomb for Web 15 enemies and Wrecking Ball to defeat 20 more.

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In-game screenshot of the Spider-Man Character tab in Marvel's Avengers.

During stage 9, the player will have to pay Liz Allan another visit to the Ant Hill outpost. However, the next two steps are not so easy since they each have two sub-goals. In stage 10, the player will have to complete a threat sector and two drop zones, while stage 11 will allow him to chain six Exo, Adaptoid or Teleporter enemies, as well as defeat 20 additional enemies in flight. The player can then take a short break during stage 12 by answering Mark Raxton’s video call in the anthill.

While stage 13 requires the player to perform 40 sprint or evade attacks against enemies, stage 14 is as easy as opening 10 safes. Stage 15 consists of another conversation with Liz Allan at the Ant Hill outpost, while stage 16 requires players to throw 15 webbed enemies using either Web Whirlwind or Spider’s Web Slam. Man. Then Stage 17 ends by completing any villain sector as Spider-Man with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel on the attack team as players or companions.

The final stop in Spider-Man’s chain of heroic missions is symbolically titled “Coming Home.” All the player has to do is talk to Liz Allan at the Ant Hill outpost one last time. This will conclude the event, and the player will be presented with the rewards which, given the length of this chain of missions, are well deserved.

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