How Ms. Marvel Compares To Other Teen MCU Heroes

Where will the MCU go next? With Moon Knight concluding its first season and the Multiverse of Madness being restored (sort of), Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting the next project the MCU has to offer. This next project is Ms. Marvel The TV series is set to hit Disney+ in June and will star Kamala Khan in the lead role.

At the moment, the hype for the show is a bit low, but that’s only because the MCU has been filled with so much other content over the past month and a half. The fans saw Moon Knight final, Doctor Strange 2 liberating, a She-Hulk falling teaser, and both the Thor 4 teaser and official trailer to come. All this has happened since Ms. Marvel trailer debuted.


Either way, Ms. Marvel is the next MCU project to live up to it. Hopefully Marvel releases new images or a trailer to get fans excited about the show, especially since Kamala Khan is the first teenage hero in the MCU to get her own show. With that in mind, it’s worth asking – how will Ms. Marvel compare to other teenage superheroes in the MCU?

Ms. Marvel compared to Spider-Man, Shuri and Kate Bishop

There’s a reason we put these three in a specific category and don’t give them unique comparisons like other teenage superheroes – they’re not teenagers. At least they aren’t anymore. When Spider-Man entered the MCU he was just a kid in Queens, but now he’s old enough to be in college, traveled through space, fought villains from another universe and firmly established himself as one of the toughest of the Avengers. In short, he is no longer a child.

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Shuri may not have the exact same resume as Peter Parker, but she’s essentially in the same boat. She’s taken on villains like Killmonger and Thanos and has aged a few years since her debut in 2018, dropping her from the hunt to qualify as a teenager.

Kate Bishop is a little different since she made her MCU debut very recently and hasn’t faced villains or circumstances like Peter or Shuri, but she still can’t really be classified as a teenage hero. In the Hawk Eye show, she is in college, and it is noted that she is 22 years old. Argue all you want – 22 is an adult.

Ms. Marvel compared to America Chavezm/s.  marvel teen mcu hero america chavez cropped

So which teen MCU heroes are left? Not a lot, actually. But thankfully, the MCU is remedying that right now with the inclusion of several young heroes – one of whom made his MCU debut in Multiverse of Madness, Mrs. America Chavez. The young hero took Doctor Strange on a wild adventure that involved rescuing the teenage boy from Wanda/Scarlet Witch and ultimately using his powers to help defeat the witch.

Although the extent of America’s powers has not been fully explained, she was also seen at the end of the film learning to become a witch herself. Take her powers of being able to travel across the multiverse and combine them with the magical powers of a witch – that amounts to a pretty unstoppable hero. While Ms. Marvel is ready to pack a pretty powerful punch herself, it’s safe to say that America Chavez would still be able to handle it.

Ms. Marvel compared to Billy and Tommy Maximoffm/s.  marvel teen mcu heroes billy and tommy maximoff cropped

The 616 versions of Wanda’s children may be fake, but they’re real in all other universes, which means they could go back to the main MCU timeline. So, with the young heroes potentially making other appearances in the future, how would they compare to a cosmic hero like Ms. Marvel? Still quite well.

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The full extent of the boy’s powers is unknown as they were a figment of Wanda’s imagination in the 616 universe. Yet if their powers are true in all other universes, that means Tommy has the ability for super speed and that Billy has the ability of telekinesis. Basically, Tommy inherited his uncle’s powers and Billy got a version of Wanda’s.

With that in mind, the Maximoff boys would probably be able to handle Ms. Marvel with no problem. Ms. Marvel could potentially keep up with Tommy’s speed, but Billy would be able to repel his cosmic powers with his telekinetic energy. Going one-on-one, the brothers might not be able to stop Kamala. But together, they make a powerful duo.

Ms. Marvel compared to Teenage Grootm/s.  marvel teen mcu hero teen groot cropped

Why not? While Groot’s age has gone back and forth in the MCU timeline, his current version is now a teenage version of himself, and as a true MCU hero, he deserves to receive the same comparison. However, the answer to this question could get tricky. Although Groot is not physically capable of overpowering Ms. Marvel and her cosmic abilities, he does have the power of regeneration. Not only that, but his limbs are so powerful that he was able to use his own arm as a Stormbreaker hilt.

With all of that in mind, it’s safe to say that Groot could at least fight, even if the end result would ultimately be a loss.


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