How Peacemaker’s White Dragon Compares To The Comics

In Episode 4 of Peacemaker, White Dragon’s costume is revealed, and it features some significant changes from the comics that will be crucial for the series.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Peacemaker episode 4.

In Peacemaker episode 4, “The Choad Less Traveled”, the DCEU TV show reveals the white dragon armor which indicates how closely the show could follow the original comic book character. Located in the quantum storage space of Peacemaker’s father, the White Dragon armor has its own pedestal. While Auggie Smith appears to be near retirement, it’s clear he still holds his armor in high regard while working on new gear for his son.

William Heller, a major white supremacist, was the original white dragon in DC comics. He originally founded the Aryan Empire and was called William Hell, but later returned as the White Dragon in armor when he joined the Fourth Reich. Peacemaker seems to combine the William Heller White Dragon with Peacemaker’s racist and abusive father from the comics, Wolfgang Schmidt, to have Aggie Smith (Robert Patrick) serve as both White Dragon and Peacemaker’s father.


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As Peacemaker steals spare helmets from his father’s house in Peacemaker episode 4 he is joined by Vigilante as he notices the white dragon armor which is extremely similar to the comic book depiction. Much of the color palette and shapes have been accurately recreated by Gunn’s team, the most notable stylistic changes being the toning down of the size of the wrists, boots and shoulder pads, and the extension of the helmet horns to be more defined. These give the costume a sleeker and slightly more realistic silhouette, while emphasizing the evil nature of the character.

Peacemaker White Dragon Armor Comic Comparison

While the Peacemaker version of the White Dragon costume aesthetically resembles the comic book version, Vigilante highlights a major design change as it emphasizes that the fabric between armor pieces provides weak points. William Heller’s armor was nearly impenetrable, in that a character called Plastique was only able to kill him once she managed to punch a small hole in the costume. When Amanda Waller first recruited White Dragon into the Suicide Squad, her armor was set to electrocute him if he disobeyed – a feature that likely isn’t included in Auggie Smith. Peacemaker White dragon costume.

While butterflies are established as the main threat in the early episodes of Peacemaker, there were several hints that Auggie Smith’s White Dragon, potentially under the control of Amanda Waller, could become a bigger problem for Peacemaker. As the white dragon armor is shown in Peacemaker episode 4, it’s almost inevitable that Smith will wear it and fight Peacemaker before the season ends in a Chekov’s Gun situation. The changes that have been made to the White Dragon costume for the Peacemaker The TV shows to make him less inscrutable should mean that Peacemaker is on par with White Dragon and can beat him, if Christopher Smith is able to overcome his own mental blocks about his father.

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