How to get the 1978 Team Liquid x Spider-Man Collection: Where to Buy, Locations


Team Liquid’s new Marvel collection features 1978 Spider-Man themed clothing that will sure make fans wonder how they can get their hands on it. Whether it’s where or how to buy it… We’ve got you covered.

Some casual fans may not be familiar with the old Japanese TV show from 1978 starring Marvel’s iconic spider hero.

But this show was a huge success, so it’s no wonder that Team Liquid sought to pay homage to their unique style in their latest collaboration with Marvel.

From short-sleeved t-shirts to cute beanies, here’s everything you need to know about the Team Liquid x Spider-Man 1978 collection.

Team Liquid, Marvel

A sample of the new 14-piece streetwear capsule.

How to get the 1978 Team Liquid x Spider-Man Collection


The collection will be available in North America and Europe.


It continues September 30 at 12 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. CEST, with 14 different pieces, including short-sleeved shirts, joggers, hoodies and even a beanie.


The store can be accessed here, and interested buyers can choose which pieces from the collection they would like to take home.

How much?

Prices for the Team Liquid x Marvel collection range from $ 30 up to $ 95 USD.

liquid spiderman merch
Team Liquid, Marvel

The new product is on fire and is sure to attract some buyers to its website.

Logan Leavitt, Apparel Sales Director at Team Liquid, said, “We are deeply interested in building bridges between different communities through the culture of the game.

“Spider-Man 1978 immediately caught our attention due to a similar spirit of connection. It’s basically a Japanese mech and martial arts action show, but Spider-Man as the main character – there is a lot to love. We are truly proud to pay tribute to such a unique part of Spidey’s history.

This collection is, at the very least, a terrific and unique tribute to a classic spectacle and one that can thrill both Marvel and Liquid fans.

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