Hulk grows stronger than ever to defeat Spider-Hulk

Hulk takes on the massive Spider-Hulk in an all-new preview of the upcoming Hulk #5 from Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley by Marvel Comics

Warning! Spoiler for Pontoon #5 by Marvel Comics

the Pontoon faces one of the deadliest Gamma monsters he’s ever faced, as he prepares to face Spider Hulk in a new battle from Marvel Comics. In a new preview for next week Pontoon #5, the Jade Giant quickly realizes that the Spider-Hulk he is facing is stronger than he anticipated, leading Bruce Banner to increase his Hulk’s power level as he is beaten in the real world.

Before the Hulk arrived in an alternate reality where Spider-Hulk came from, Marvel Comics showed how much the hero had changed on his Earth. In the most recent Pontoon series, Bruce Banner successfully splits the Hulk into different parts. He controls the physical Hulk and pilots the monster like a spaceship inside his psyche. To fuel the Hulk’s rage, Banner locks the Hulk in the engine room in his mind, where he battles a series of adversaries to fuel the Hulk. For example, he recently took down Fin Fang Foom to face actual attackers. However, he takes his powers to another level to stop a new Gamma-powered enemy.


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In a new preview from for Hulk #5 by VC’s Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin and Cory Petit, Hulk prepares to battle Spider-Hulk in an alternate reality he’s found himself in. In-world Banner never became the Hulk as the Gamma experiments that caused his powers eventually succeeded, leading to the creation of Abominations that President Thunderbolt Ross uses as his own army. This version of Peter Parker’s is that Spider-Hulk is one of the deadliest Gamma monsters of all time, driving the Hulk to power up in the engine room to a whole new level.

Hulk Spider-Hulk

Hulk Spider-Hulk

In the preview, Hulk is overwhelmed by Spider-Hulk’s size and strength. Banner realizes that he will need to increase the Hulk’s power in the engine room as he prepares to step up to a new level. Banner argues with Betty Ross, who asks him if he’s really going to kill the child. When Banner asks questions, Ross reminds him that she doesn’t exist.

Hulk Spider-Hulk

Hulk Spider-Hulk

Hulk increasing his power level appears to be what unleashes the deadliest Hulk of all time, Titan. After all, readers don’t know the repercussions of full engine room power – but that can’t be good for the rest of the world. But can you defeat Spider-Hulk without bringing the Jade Giant to a whole new level of power? Readers will know more when Pontoon #5 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores on Wednesday.

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