Image Comics July 2022 Spoilers Solicitations: Liam Sharp’s Starhenge arrives after years of meticulous effort!

Image Comics July 2022 Spoilers Solicitations follow.

Liam Sharp’s Starhenge arrives after years of meticulous effort!

Image reports.


Absolutely epic.—Tom King

PORTLAND, Ore. 04/14/2022 – Revered creator Liam Sharp goes wild in the next visually stunning masterpiece titled Starhenge, Book One: The Dragon and the Boar. This six-issue fantasy/sci-fi series will be launched by Image Comics in July.

“I’ve wanted to do my own Image comic for 30 years. I’ve wanted to do a Merlin comic for even longer than that! said Sharp. “It’s the culmination of so many dreams and ambitions that I’ve finally realized, and it makes this the most exciting and personal comic book project I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to see it on the shelves!”

In Starhenge, a future Merlin travels to Britain in the 5th century to stop monstrous time-traveling killer robots from stealing the universe of magic, and Amber Weaver’s lively present-day tale reveals how she’s drawn into a war through time.

The Terminator meets the Green Knight in this sprawling 30-page first chapter inspired by Arthurian legend and steeped in sci-fi action.

Starhenge, Book One: The Dragon & the Boar #1 hits comic stores on Wednesday, July 6:

Cover A by Sharp – Diamond code MAY220015
Cover B by Sharp – Diamond code MAY220016
Cover C by Chris Weston – Diamond Code MAY220017
Cover D by Ben Templesmith – Diamond Code MAY220018
Blanket E by Christian Ward – Diamond Code MAY220019
Blanket F by Ryan Brown – Diamond Code MAY220020
Cover G by Matylda McCormack-Sharp – Diamond code MAY220021
Cover H by Mike Perkins – Diamond Code MAY220022
Starhenge, Book One: The Dragon & the Boar #1 will also be available for purchase on many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Early praise for Starhenge:

“A stellar saga of ancient magic and deep science, vividly told by a modern master of comics.” —David Gibbons

“One of the great artists of our time at the peak of his game. Absolutely epic. —Tom King

“The kind of ‘epic’ you crave, both noun and adjective. And even that doesn’t quite reflect Liam Sharp’s amazing reach and vision. There is magic in these pages. —Kelly Sue DeConnick

“Amazing and epic and massive and totally a Liam Sharp book, but not just any kind of Liam Sharp we’ve ever seen before or maybe even expected? Liam is popping all sorts of moves and fads that people who know him — from, like, Green Lantern or whatever — will never see coming. It’s a beautiful and amazing swing and MASSIVE for the stars who say his ambitions have taken him into exciting and uncharted territory… Well done, congratulations, cheers and exhale, it’s glorious. —Matte Fraction


In addition, we also have a preview of the inner pages via preview.


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