Inferno confirms how dangerous Orchis has become


The X-Men tried to stop Orchis and Nimrod – but Inferno reveals that they just made their enemies smarter and more capable.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Inferno # 1, available now from Marvel Comics.

In the current era of Krakoa, there have been a lot of enemies to the mutant nation. But perhaps most dangerous is Orchis, who seeks to unite the various enemies of the mutant race under one banner and end a mutant future before it even happens.

In Hell # 1 (by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schitti, David Curiel and Joe Sabino of VC), Orchis is revealed to have survived several off-panel Krakoa assaults – and in the process, they became more deadly and gained a small amount of adamantium use.

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Since House of X, the dark forces of humanity have come together to defeat the X-Men and the mutant nation of Krakoa. The organization is made up of various personalities from organizations like SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, ARMOR – and even more villainous groups like HAMMER, AIM and HYDRA. While they may personally disagree with each other, they all share a common goal: to prevent mutants from becoming the dominant force on Earth. By rearranging Tony Stark’s ground hammer at a base known as Orchis Forge, the organization set to work creating a main mold – but their plans were interrupted by the X-Men, who have sacrificed a team of heroes in order to stop their plans.

Despite their defeat in House of X, Orchis has quietly tried to reassert his power and influence over the future of humanity – even ultimately leading to the building of Nimrod, who has been teased in multiple Marvel futures to be the ultimate mutant hunter. Since his successful activation, Krakoa has launched all he can at Orchis’s solar base in futile attempts to destroy Nimrod before he can advance any further.

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There have been sixteen different attempts to bring down Orchis Forge, and each has failed. Magneto attempted to push the Orchis Forge into the sun, but the station’s engines were too powerful and the tension ultimately killed the Master of Magnetism. A mutant circuit was then attempted to amplify its powers and pull the Forge towards the sun from the other end – but the Dyson engines have always proven to be too powerful. An X-Force attempt to hack the station failed, and attempts to use outside elements – such as a Brood drone swarm or the hiring of assassins from Otherworld – were equally ineffective.

Six direct attacks on the base were carried out, with their end result unknown to Krakoa. This is probably because the mutants are killed before their memories of the assault can be recorded on Cerebro. However, this has given Orchis a lot of practice in killing mutants when they attack, allowing them to deal with the final assault relatively easily in a matter of minutes. Notably, they also guarded the bodies of those they defeated. This includes Wolverine, who was reduced to his adamantium skeleton each time by Nimrod. This quietly gives Orchis a deep well of unbreakable metal to use in their experiments, which could ultimately lead to an even more powerful body for Nimrod.

All of this bodes badly for the X-Men, as each attempt only emboldened their enemies more and more. It’s only a matter of time before Orchis goes on the offensive, and with their reserves, arsenal, and in-depth knowledge of their enemies, they’re sure to have an advantage in a full-scale conflict. with Krakoa.

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