‘Invincible’ stars say taping for season 3 is already underway

Photo by Danny Peterson.

Amazon Prime Video Stars Invincible say that taping for season three of the animated superhero show is already underway, although season two has yet to hit the streaming service.

Khary Payton and Ross Marquand took the stage for a fan Q&A panel at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon on Friday to talk about their roles in two beloved shows from the mind of comic book writer Robert Kirkman – the aforementioned Invincible and the AMCs The Walking Deadand We Got This Covered was in the audience to document it.

When a fan asked what the actors’ favorite parts of work were Invincible was, Marquand said “every part”. After asking audience members if they had ever watched it, many said yes, he said, “Okay, good. This show is so good.

Marquand, who plays The Immortal on the show, then gave an update on production for the following seasons, revealing that the cast just finished taping season two “a month or two ago.”

“We have just started recording the third season,” he added.

However, just because the actors are making significant progress in recording their voice performances for the series doesn’t mean there isn’t necessarily a lot more that needs to go in the two seasons before they can. be made public, as Payton pointed out in a remark winking at InvincibleHand drawn 2D animation style.

“Yeah. It happens, man. Someone gets a forearm cramp from drawing as fast as they can. But yeah, yeah. It’s a process, but it gets away with it. is coming, it is coming.

Payton, who plays Black Samson in Invinciblewent on to explain that it was thanks to positive fan reception that not only a second but a third both received approval for production.

“And thankfully, you know, you were really supportive of the show in the first season, so they lit up two seasons, back to back. So I’m thrilled to have that story told and keep moving forward.

Payton went on to explain that his favorite part of the first season was when The Immortal’s head was cut off. When Marquand jokingly said, “Spoiler alert,” someone in the audience proclaimed, “Nice Ruffalo spoiler!”

Rather than being offended, Payton said it was “the biggest compliment I’ve ever been given” to compare Mark Ruffalo, famous for spoiling plot details in Marvel Cinematic movies. Universe.

You can expect more Rose City Comic Con coverage from WGTC in the coming days.

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