Iron Man 2’s Rushed Production Pushed The Cast And Crew To Their Limits

In the Times article, Favreau admits what a harrowing experience it was. The Times – reporting ahead of the film’s release – tries to remain optimistic about the hard work, pointing out that Favreau and Downey, Jr. went to great lengths to capture the ineffable chemistry that made Tony Stark tick. As in the first “Iron Man,” Downey Jr. was allowed to improvise, often trying to find the direction of a scene on set day. However, as many sets were already in production elsewhere, a lot of scripting and approvals had to be done at the last minute to fit these improvised moments into the larger picture. “I feel like I’m ending this one like El Cid ended the war, tied to his horse by his men and sent dead in action,” Favreau said at the time.

It should be noted that “Iron Man” was filmed with a lot of practical effects, which Favreau preferred at the time. “Iron Man 2”, on the other hand, featured a lot more CGI.

Theroux felt the worst, having to log the drama on the page, recalibrating the script each day to match what the improvisation and exploration found that day. ‘Iron Man 2’ wasn’t exactly invented on the fly, but the production certainly seems to have been a Exquisite Corpse, a single fact for millions and millions of dollars. According to the Times, actor Don Cheadle (replacing Terrence Howard) felt lost in the chaos.

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