Iron Man Art Celebrates Armored Avenger Costumes

Jamie McKelvie uses Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor to pay homage to a classic work of art while highlighting the historic legacy of the Avenger’s unique looks.

A next Iron Man variant captures the different heroes of the hero avengers armors.

The cover, illustrated by Jamie McKelvie, depicts the various armors Tony Stark wore as a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A total of 25 versions of Iron Man’s armor appear in the art, representing all of the outfits Tony wore in the first 750 issues of avengers. McKelvie fashioned the layout of this cover after Eadweard Muybridge’s “The Running Man”, a series of late 19th century photographs that create the illusion of movement when viewed in rapid succession. Since every armor shown on McKelvie’s cover shows Tony with a slightly modified gesture, the artist decided to apply the same thought to his art, turning it into a GIF that shows Iron Man walking through his armor.

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As a self-proclaimed futurist, Tony Stark has transformed his outfit many times while fighting alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. When Tony helped found the Avengers, he wore bulky gold armor. By the time avengers #3 came out, Tony had already changed his look, streamlining the costume and adding red to the color scheme. Over time, he adapted several outfits depending on the needs of the team’s mission and events in his life, taking on unique costumes like the Silver Centurian armor during west coast avengers and the Extremis bio-suit in New Avengers.

While McKelvie Iron Man Cover #17 captures Tony’s Avengers sets, the story itself will see the hero in entirely different armor. After venturing into space to battle Michael Korvac, a cosmic threat with the power to destroy Earth, Tony received an internal upgrade and transformed into an Iron God. This status quo is at the center of recent issues of the series, which has put Tony at odds with the Avengers, who don’t trust him with these mighty powers.

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Following Tony’s tenure as the Iron God, Marvel revealed that he will be proposing to former Avengers member Hellcat. Tony’s romance with Hellcat has been an essential part of Iron Man Since the start of writer Christopher Cantwell’s run, Patsy Walker has often helped Tony keep his feet on the ground and remember his humanity. Iron Man #20, written by Cantwell and drawn by Angel Unzueta, sees Iron Man pop the question to Hellcat, though it’s unclear if she’ll say yes.

Elsewhere, Marvel expands on Tony Stark’s legacy with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in avengers forever. In this series, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Aaron Kuder, a variant of Tony Stark from Earth-818 uses his technological prowess to become Ant-Man. This Tony is the leader of a team of heroes from different realities who fight against the multiversal masters of evil, villains bent on conquering all of existence for their own needs.

Iron Man #17, written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Ibraim Roberson with cover art by Alex Ross, goes on sale February 23 from Marvel Comics.

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