JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Episode 16: Jolyne vs. Westwood

The following contains spoilers for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 Episode 16 “The Secret of Guard Westwood”, now streaming on Netflix.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 2 is a supernatural crime and action anime available to stream on Netflix. For the first time in Part 2, an episode focused on the main protagonist, Jolyne Cujoh, for the majority of the runtime. It’s been interesting to explore the secondary characters, their motivations, and their growth, but it was time to give the same opportunity to Jolyne, with her impressive growth in combat abilities and ridiculous mental toughness. Continuing the explosive introduction of the Ultra House Security Unit Fight Club, viewers can expect the bloodiest brawl yet.

Episode 16, “The Secret of the Westwood Guard”, is on the surface an ongoing fight between Jolyne and the surviving prison officer from the previous episode. With the effects of the Survivor Stand in play, the characters’ mental restraint cracks and their obsession with completely crushing their enemy has reached new heights – at least at the start of the fight. The real significance of the episode is to show how far Jolyne has come since obtaining Stone Ocean and how far she will go to survive and win. There are no heroic support moments to save her, no saves; there is only Jolyne, her talent and her resilience.

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Stone Ocean has always appeared as a versatile stand, but in the Jojo universe of Stands that bend reality, change the world, and grant immortality, it came across as a pretty standard string-manipulating ability. That, in fact, has not changed. There are no new abilities introduced or secret powers to be removed at the last moment to defeat his enemy. Instead, Jolyne uses every trick in the book to compete against a more physically powerful prison officer, Viviano Westwood, and her Stand, Starlight Waves. The power of Starlight Waves summons meteorites from space, drawn to Westwood as if he were a magnet. Positioning himself in battle is vital to ensure he makes contact with his enemy, but luckily for him, the meteors decay before they reach him personally. Naturally, Jolyne uses this to her advantage.

Jolyne is not only a skilled fighter, but she also uses Stand Ocean in the best way to complement her martial arts. Many times she attacks, counters, or even takes a hit in certain spots to allow her string to attach to Westwood and bind him. However, due to the frustrating and dangerous power of Starlight Waves, meteorites are a constant problem when it begins to take over. It’s when Jolyne is about to be killed that she uses her string to cause real damage. When trapped in a headache, Jolyne tears out Westwood’s nails and uses the string to burst his eardrum and enter his skull. These kinds of actions show her unwavering determination to survive, skinning her enemy if it means she can survive. Such brutal actions, alongside the relentless beating of the two, make the fight incredibly intense.

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There was a problem with the continuity of the Stand Survivor. The previous episode made a big deal of how he manipulated minds and broke people into fights to the death, and episode 15 even ended by hinting that everyone in the Security House in was affected. At the start of episode a6, Jolyne is aware that something is altering her psyche, and the fight begins with that in mind. However, as the episode continues, Jolyne is able to think logically and does not appear to be in a crazed, bloodthirsty state; Neither did Westwood. Perhaps it will be explained in later episodes that the Survivor ability has been “disabled” somehow, although based on DIO’s explanation in the previous episode, this is not a power controlled by its user like Stone Ocean or Pale Snake.

Although Jolyne survives her fight with Westwood, she is out of strength, energy, and options. She doesn’t know yet that there are three other Stand users in the Security Unit waiting for their chance to assassinate her. Luckily for Jolyne, FF and newly acquired ally Narciso Anatasia are on their way to her location. Undoubtedly, a series of other confrontations are coming as the duo will desperately try to protect Jolyne.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 can be streamed via Netflix, with all 12 episodes available to watch.

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