Joker 2 Gets $150 Million Budget, Will Feature ‘Complicated Musical Sequences’ Starring Lady Gaga

If you asked fans what their expectations were for a Joker sequel in 2019, most wouldn’t guess a full-fledged musical. However, all signs point to the rumors being true, as Variety save reports for Joker: Madness for two.

There have been a lot of questions and a lot of confusion at Warner Bros. Discovery and DC lately, following the cancellation of bat girl and the Investor’s Call with CEO David Zaslav. The company is currently going through a period of rebuilding, hoping to create a “10-year plan” similar to what Marvel Studios did with Alan Horn, Bog Iger, and Kevin Feige.

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A film is officially safe under the new regime, Joker: Madness For Two. The Variety report mentions several things about the sequel, currently slated for 2024, including the reported price of $150 million for the production alone. It is far from Joker (2019), which cost the studio $55 million and reached an astonishing $1 billion at the box office, winning two Oscars along the way.

Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Philips would each receive $20 million for their work in the film, with new co-star Lady Gaga receiving $10 million. Additionally, the upcoming sequel would feature convoluted musical sequences, reiterating previous claims surrounding the film. A Variety insider compared the film to A star is born, which received eight Oscar nominations and one win. Lady Gaga starred in the film alongside writer/director Bradley Cooper.

How exactly will the musical segments fit into the Joker after? For now, no one knows. However, Todd Philips and the rest of the creative team are hard at work finding the answer. Joker: Madness for two is set to arrive in theaters on October 4, 2024.

More cancellations could be coming for DC and Warner Bros. Discovery

Since 2008, Marvel Studios and the MCU have for the most part followed a consistent, guided path. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has ensured that every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon coincides with one another, leading to some of the greatest movies we’ve ever seen, such as Avengers: Endgame.

However, DC and the DCEU have had a much tougher and tougher road. Steel man was intended to launch a connected universe for Marvel’s competitors, however, after several critical failures, including Josh Whedon’s Justice League, it was clear that the company would be forced to take a step back. Since then, several projects have proven to be a huge success, such as Joker in 2019 and The Batman in 2022. In addition, The Suicide Squada reboot of the 2016 version, enjoyed success with James Gunn at the helm, and a spin-off series, Peacemakerdebuted on HBO Max earlier this year to a warm reception.

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Unfortunately, DC has too many projects in the works for David Zaslav, and the CEO recognizes that some changes will need to be made. According Varietyshows like Titans and Doom Patrol are struggling, and series like strange adventures and wonder twins have already been cancelled. In addition, black adamwhich lands in theaters on October 21, has a lot on its plate as Warner Bros. executives. Discovery and DC need to see a film with critical and financial success.

The future is currently up in the air at DC, and the filmmakers are just hoping to see their projects through without an impromptu cancellation like bat girl.

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