Kang sees the future of Marvel Comics

If there’s one thing Kang is good at, it’s time travel and messing things up. We like that about him. He is the master of time travel and he knows everything every time. So much so that when things don’t go as planned, he can go out there and fix it if it suits his needs.

That’s kind of what happened in Timeless 2021, a creative way to hint at what’s to come in the coming year for Marvel comics. With the 2021 version enjoying a lot of popularity and reaching a second impression, it only makes sense that it would be brought back to finish 2022.

Timeless 2022cover by Kael Ngu

The Last Battle

Most of what to expect from Timeless 2022 is still very secret. But Marvel promised we’d see an even more shocking and mysterious matchup in the coming year, as well as first appearances and one hell of a journey for Kang himself.

Kang is looking for the one thing he can’t have, the missing moment. But he’s not alone in his search, and things are different for Kang this time around. Timeless 2022 will see Kang racing through the events of the future of the Marvel Universe!

This special one-shot edition is again written by comic book superstar Jed MacKay, who will be joined by Salvador Larroca, Greg Land and Patch Zircher for the artwork.

About What to expect Timeless 2022MacKay said:

“Kang is back for another adventure, but could this be his last? Once again, we’re donning the Conqueror’s waders to stomp into the future. But this time, Kang is in an unknown position: running away… TIMELESS 2022 is bigger and better than ever. More glimpses of what the Marvel Universe has in store, more action, and a story that sets the dominoes for a huge story to come in the future that I’m really excited to see unfold!

The formation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers #1 from 1963.

What do your eyes see of Kang?

So what can we expect for the future of Marvel? For now, it could be anything. 2023 will be the 60th anniversary of the Avengers, so it’s reasonable to think they’ll play a big part in the universe next year. Especially after the events of Meeting vigilanteswhich will see the Avengers travel through space and time!

It will also be interesting to see the aftermath of the Marvel event. AXIS: Judgment Dayand what it means for the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals.

I’m personally excited to see who they’ll bring into the Marvel Universe. Will these be new characters or different versions of old favorites? As the multiverse continues to expand and the timelines slowly intertwine, there are endless possibilities as to who we might see. Perhaps a trip with Kang is just what we need to prepare for what lies ahead in 2023.

Timeless 2022 will be available for purchase on December 28, 2022. Be sure to check it out for a glimpse into the future of the Marvel Universe.

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