Kevin Hart’s new Netflix series has a major acting cameo from the Avengers. This is how it happened

Spoilers for Kevin Hart True story lie down, so read at your own risk.

If you’re used to seeing Kevin Hart just laughing, Netflix’s recent drop True story will have you see it in a whole new light. The limited series quickly secured a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list, thanks in large part to its killer cast. Hart is joined by Blade star Wesley Snipes and Paul Adelstein, but there’s also an appearance of a Great Avenger. Now series creator Eric Newman is revealing just how possible it has become.

While the new show is certainly not based on a true story, there are things that can make viewers do a double take. At first glance, the limited series appears to be semi-autobiographical. Besides the obvious fact that Kevin Hart is playing a well-known comedian turned movie star and businessman, Hart’s character Kid was also born and raised in Philly and he has the internal struggle to balance family life with him. his career. But things got even more surreal when the series delivered an appearance by Marvel veteran Chris Hemsworth, who apparently made a movie with a child.

Get actor Thor To make an appearance on the show looks like it would be a huge feat. However, according to Eric Newman, in an interview with Initiated, it was his link with the Avengers star who made the cameo possible. This is what the Shiny the producer says, exactly about the way things turned out:

I was making the film with Hemsworth at the time in Australia. … Interesting fact: this was the first sequence we shot of “True Story”. We were shooting ‘Spiderhead’ and I asked if he would and he said ‘Absolutely.’

Chris Hemsworth’s schedule being quite tight and he being in Australia while working on Escape Spiderhead, it would probably have been difficult for him to film an appearance for a show shot in LA or Philly. So the cast and crew were very lucky when it came to finding him for the new Netflix series. And since Eric Newman says Hemsworth’s cameo was the first sequence ever shot for production, it looks like they’ve made his material a priority. I mean, once you have an Avenger you really have to make the most of your time with them.

Unfortunately, it is not (yet) that Chris Hemsworth and Kevin Hart will act alongside each other. However, with Hart expands his acting skills and going deeper into the genre of action, the paths of the two stars may indeed cross at some point in the near future.

True story is streaming in its entirety right now on Netflix, and if you haven’t already, keep an eye out for the Aussie actor in the second episode. And Escape Spiderhead isn’t too far off, as it’s slated to hit Netflix in December.

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