Kimmel and Colbert Mock Trump’s alleged late night attempt at Sic DOJ


For many, the only way to survive the Trump era was to find black comedy there. We could relieve ourselves after a particularly exhausting day by laughing with John mulaneythe analogy of “horse in a hospital”, or Sarah cooperlip synchronizations of presidential press conferences. To anyone’s surprise, however, it seems Donald trump himself really couldn’t stand the joke.

On Tuesday, the Daily Beast alleged that Trump attempted to use the US Department of Justice to end jokes made about him on shows, including Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live! According to two of the media sources, Trump asked his advisers and legal team what the DOJ can do to investigate “SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and other late night comedians. Given that these shows are satire, a form of protected speech in this country, nothing would ever have come of Trump’s bizarre request. “It was more annoying than alarming, to be honest with you,” a source said.

Understandably, Trump denied the story, calling it “total Fake News” in a press release Tuesday. He also alleged that “Lamestream Media” had “fabricated” the report. “I said, however, that Alec baldwin”—Who played Trump on SNL throughout his presidency – “has no talent, certainly to imitate me.” The one who had what it took was Darrell Hammond.”(This could be good news-bad news for Hammond, who played a pre-presidential Trump on SNL and briefly returned to the role after Trump secured the Republican nomination.) Trump added, “I think 100% one-sided broadcasts should be considered an illegal Democratic Party campaign contribution.”

The late-night universe caught wind of Trump’s alleged comedy probe just in time for Tuesday night’s monologues. Stephane Colbert laughed at the fact that he was not specifically named in the Daily Beast report. “Guys, this is dangerous, disturbing, anti-American, and why am I put in the same basket with other malicious comedy writers?” He asked. ” I do not understand ! What is a guy supposed to do? With all due respect to my dear friend James Tiberius Kimmel, but if the thugs at the Justice Department break down the doors to round up the late-night snickers to train us in Mar-a-Gulago to be murdered, I should get more than “and the rest. ‘”

Meanwhile, Kimmel has expressed concern that Trump has reportedly considered the idea of ​​investigating him. “President Snowflake has asked to send the authorities to stop us from laughing at him,” Kimmel said. “Not only that, he wanted Guillermo pay for the wall.

The host went on to say that Trump basically wanted “a team of morons” to threaten comedians “because he can’t stand a joke,” adding, “He can make one. In fact, he did. many : Eric, Ivanka, Don Jr.

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