Kraven The Hunter Reportedly Coming To The MCU (Fandom Agents EXCLUSIVE)

the Agents of Fandom podcast is proud to bring you a exclusive scoop on the heels of Spider-Man: No Path Home. You might have noticed many mysterious figures in the sky in the third act of the film, and you wouldn’t be alone. Before reviewing the season finale of Hawk Eye, Fandom Host Agents TJ Zwarych and guest TJ Stukes had a quick chat on Spider-Man: No Path Home. Among those seen in the sky was Kraven the hunter.

Kraven the hunter is coming

TJ Stukes decided to dig deeper into the subject by contacting a Marvel insider. In his quest, TJ uncovered some interesting facts about Kraven the Hunter and his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While he couldn’t confirm which iteration of Kraven we’ll see, he may have received some good news. An Agents Of Fandom exclusive, we’re proud to announce that at some point Kraven the Hunter will appear in the MCU, not just the Sony Universe. We know Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be taking on the role of Kraven for Sony. What we don’t know, however, is whether he’ll be the one returning to the MCU. If that was the case, a Pietro lookalike would be interesting to see him interact with Wanda Maximoff.

Kraven’s last hunt?

Kraven's Last Hunt
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With rumors swirling about Tom Holland’s return for another Spider-Man movie and even a trilogy, the addition of Kraven makes sense. Kraven’s Last Hunt is a comic book storyline that hasn’t yet been made into theaters and that Spider-Man fans were hoping for. The series follows the famous hunter as he attempts one final plot to kill Spider-Man. It remains to be seen which version of the character we will have. However, fans can rest assured that the long-awaited villain will make his MCU debut soon.

the Agents of Fandom podcast is your one-stop-shop for Marvel news. Recent shows include this exclusive scoop and a Spider-Man: No Path Home thorough review. TJ Zwarych & Garrett Blaney had a great interview with Carlos Navarro de Hawkeye, as Agents of Fandom continue to grow. Check out the most recent episode with TJ Stukes, and check out the Fandom agents wherever you get your podcasts.

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