Law & Order Season 21 Premiere Featured Surprise Return

Tonight was the night Law & Order fans have been waiting for, as the original series made a comeback with the Season 21 premiere, and there were some familiar faces in the mix. Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson made their return to the franchise, but there was another familiar face that surprised everyone in the episode, as actress Carey Lowell returned as a former defense attorney. and eventual Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross. Ross was a cast member several times in the 90s and 2000s and had a role in Law & Order: Trial By Jury, and she made a shocking return in 2022.

During tonight’s episode, Detective Kevin Bernard and Frank Cosgrove were investigating the case of a sexual predator named Henry King which contained material from the infamous cases of Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. After King’s death, detectives get a confession from one of his victims named Nicole, but only because Cosgrove lies to him and says there will be no repercussions for shooting him because there is no no way anyone would condemn her for that.

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Because current Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price felt it was unethical, he asked District Attorney Jack McCoy to dismiss the confession, and while it takes some convincing, McCoy agree to let him.

However, it explodes in his face, as Cosgrove brings up the confession on the stand and nearly has the case thrown out. This avoids a mistrial, but Price is convinced the jury hates him at this point, especially after an emotional plea from the defendant.

At this point, Price goes to meet Ross, as she was involved in the original case against King. Price asks her a few questions but she doesn’t reveal anything, although it appears she met Nicole the day of the murder.

Price then calls Ross to the stand, but instead of testifying or admitting anything, she pleads the 5th time and he gets nothing from her. The case appears to be lost, but Price comes out and asks ADA Samantha Maroun to step in and make closing arguments, and she makes a compelling one, as the jury eventually convicts Nicole.

It remains to be seen if Ross will have a more recurring role in other episodes and get in touch with McCoy again or if it was a one-off thing, but it was great to see the character again.

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