Loki’s new featurette dispels major fan theory and hints at Sylvie’s origins


Almost all of Loki’s pre-release material only includes footage from the first three episodes. So, if you’re like us, you’re probably in desperate need of any track, clue, or piece from the second half of the Disney Plus series.

Thankfully, Marvel Studios has teased us so briefly with a new featurette that features new scenes from upcoming episodes – and even finds time to debunk one of the show’s oldest and craziest theories.

Possible spoilers for Loki follow. If you want to go blind, look away now!

Loki’s new teaser focuses on the MCU’s new arrival, Sylvie by Sophie Di Martino (AKA Lady Loki). There are a handful of new scenes scattered throughout the minute-long preview, including another heart-to-heart between Loki and the variant on what appears to be the purple planet of Lamentis.

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“The universe wants to free itself so it manifests chaos, like me,” Sylvie said as she perched next to Loki. Words can still hint at a larger design, but it’s the setting that intrigues the most. This is official confirmation that the mysterious woman spotted in one of Loki’s very first trailers is, in fact, the character of Di Martino and not Black Widow on Vormir – as some had theorized.

The featurette also reveals that we’ll likely delve into Sylvie’s past in a flashback scene in the coming weeks. Di Martino says that “the audience will be intrigued by Sylvie’s arc and backstory,” while focusing on a young girl in a Loki-style costume.

At the risk of putting two and two together and getting 14,000,605, there’s every chance that Sylvie’s own story will be explored in the weeks to come.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been in the spotlight all this time, and it might be time for Sylvie to reveal her past as TVA draws closer to the scene 10 apocalypse. That, when paired with a new scene which alludes to Loki and Sylvie arriving at the Time-Keepers’ door (look at that bluish glow and the TVA bodies littered on the floor) indicates that the clock is indeed ticking for everyone involved.

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