Love & Thunder’s Classic Thor Easter Egg Continues a Big Phase 4 Trend

The classic Marvel Comics Easter Egg trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder continues one of the best trends started by MCU Phase 4 TV shows.

Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel Comics’ classic Easter egg continues one of the best trends created by MCU Phase 4. In the opening seconds of the trailer, Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder was seen wearing an accurate Thor costume. This was the first time this particular combination had been spotted in MCU material.

marvel’s Thor and avengers The film has of course made its own versions of Thor’s costume, but his original costume in its entirety has always been avoided. The winged helmet was featured but it was never part of his main look, and the movies always leaned towards much darker colors for his armor. The MCU has completely ditched the yellow and black boots, gold belt, and royal blue pants from its original Marvel Comics Silver Age cartoon design. Amazingly, Marvel included every aspect of this look in Thor: Love and Thunder. A scene of Thor walking through a forest confirms that the costume will be MCU canon when the Avenger returns to the big screen.

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Regardless of how the Silver Age costume fits into the film or its relevance to Thor: Love and Thunder story, the easter egg represents one of the best Phase 4 ideas. Vision, Quicksilver and Loki. Through a drawing by Kate Bishop, Hawk Eye dropped an unexpected Easter egg from Clint Barton’s original purple and blue costume.

A young Thor wears his classic comic book costume in Thor Love And Thunder.

Since Wanda Vision, Marvel has found ways to perfectly recreate the classic comic book costumes of its Marvel heroes. This idea has worked well for the MCU, even if the costumes themselves don’t necessarily match the characters’ stories in most cases. Instead, Marvel crafted them as clever Easter Eggs. The first time he did it was in Wanda Vision when he dressed up Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Fake Quicksilver as their comic book counterparts for Halloween. Each was seen wearing their most iconic costume from their respective Marvel Comics stories. Marvel did something similar in Loki unveiling Richard E. Grant as the MCU’s Classic Loki, a variant of God of Mischief whose costume and powers are identical to the comic book version of the villain.

Captain America: The First Avenger The original Captain America costume shows that it’s not a whole new approach for the MCU, but Phase 4 is starting to make it a tradition by using it on a semi-regular basis. Due to the great love for the source material that spawned all of these Marvel movies and shows in the first place, Easter eggs like the one that comes to Thor: Love and Thunder are always welcome. Since their importance to Marvel Comics often makes them seem like missing elements of MCU characters, finding places to work on the big and small screens is a good move for Marvel.

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