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Last week, Lucifer ended on Netflix after six seasons between the Fox network and the streamer. The series, which started on Fox and aired there for three years before being canceled and then picked up for three more at Netflix, developed a cult following (no pun intended) as a result of network television before d ” broaden its base to become one of the most watched. shows on Netflix. Along the way, regardless of audience size, fans have remained attached to the show and its characters, which has made the process of saying goodbye in the week since the fall of the last episode painful for some. .

The writers of the series have chosen not to make things easier. Aside from being the last batch of episodes, the series finale itself is a heartbreaking one.

Spoilers ahead for the finale of Lucifer.

After six seasons of building Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship, the series ended with Lucifer returning to Hell on a new mission of redemption and Chloe remaining on Earth, keeping the two apart for the rest of her life. It’s the kind of ending that makes perfect sense, but also hurts to watch.

“The difference between [Deckerstar] and another couple is that we had immortality to play with. So we knew they would be together forever, no matter what, ”Modrovich said. TV guide

. “And we kind of like to reside in the bittersweet and gray areas. A happy, booming ending felt bad, but something tragic as well. So the ending was our sweet spot in making them sacrifice something, but in the end. end with each other. “

And while Deckerstar fans were hoping for a wedding – and the season gave fans a wedding, albeit between Mazikeen and Eve – Henderson explained that Lucifer and Chloe’s partnership goes beyond marriage.

“Lucifer and Chloe are partners, that’s what we’ve always said,” said Henderson. “To me, their partnership almost transcends a marriage. They are partners for eternity and I think that’s what makes them unique and beautiful.”

You can see some of our favorite tweets and replies at the end of Lucifer below.

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