Marvel: 10 heroes everyone forgets defeated Magneto


There are few people on Earth more powerful than Magneto. Magneto is an Omega class mutant, with the kind of power that can end human civilization if he ever had the mind to. Marvel is full of mighty heroes and villains, but Magneto’s magnetic powers are at the next level. Even teams like the Avengers have fallen against Magneto. Over the years he has been a hero and a villain so he has fought all kinds of enemies and won many battles.

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He’s also lost a lot, including some heroes that most people would have thought he could easily defeat. But in the comic book world, victory is rarely assured for anyone, no matter how unbalanced a battle may seem.

ten Wolverine beat Magneto on his own, surprisingly

Wolverine # 18 cover by Greg Land

Wolverine is one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet, but his adamantium skeleton has been a handicap in battles against Magneto. There have been many examples of this over the years, but the most infamous was the moment Magneto ripped adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton. That didn’t stop Wolverine from fighting Magneto and getting victories over him, however.

He was most effective against Magneto in “The Magneto War”, when his lack of adamantium aided in combat. During the inauguration Ultimate X-Men story, “The Tomorrow People”, Wolverine managed to bring down Magneto and seriously injure him, giving Professor X a chance to use his powers on him.

9 Ultimate Cyclops ended Magneto’s threat in Ultimatum

Ultimate Cyclops

The heroes of the Ultimate Universe were sometimes tougher than their 616 counterparts, but Ultimate Cyclops was pretty much the same. Of course, saying that means Ultimate Cyclops was pretty tough and he’s proven it a number of times throughout his life. One of the biggest indications of this was in Ultimatum. Magneto had destroyed the entire world, forcing the remaining heroes to try to defeat him.

Magneto was making short work of everyone, even killing Wolverine, when Ultimate Cyclops stepped in and ended the fight, knocking Magneto down. He would end Magneto’s rampage once and for all, killing him.

8 Northstar didn’t appreciate Magneto threatening her husband

The era of Krakoa was full of surprises and one of the biggest has arrived X-Men: Trial Of Magneto. At one point, Magneto threatened Kyle, Northstar’s human husband who lived in Krakoa. This did not suit Northstar. Soon after, Northstar had a few words for Magneto, as well as some high speed punches.

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Magneto can beat just about anyone when he’s ready for them, but he wasn’t prepared at all for the Northstar attack. Northstar gave Magneto a beating few people could and it proved the Magnetic Master to be fallible.

7 Joseph was designed to be more powerful than Magneto


The mystery of Joseph played out in the late 90s X Men securities. At first everyone just thought he was Magneto, somehow recovered from his shortness of breath but still with amnesia. When it was later revealed that Magneto was back and secretly preparing to attack the X-Men, fans weren’t sure what to do with Joseph.

“The Magneto War” revealed that Joseph was a Magneto clone, created by Astra. In the story, Joseph was able to beat Magneto but Magneto took revenge and was able to recover his victory. Joseph ended up dying in battle, but still won against his evil DNA donor.

6 Psylocke & Magneto came to blows and Psylocke won

After Cyclops’ death, Psylocke and Magneto formed their own group of X-Men when the rest of the team descended into limbo to escape the Terrigen Mists. The two worked well together for a while, but eventually their animosity towards each other came to a head. They had a showdown that ended very badly for Magneto.

Even with his telepathy blocking helmet, Psylocke was able to beat him and beat him. Magneto somehow survived the fight, despite being stabbed in the chest.

5 Namor defeated Magneto instead of joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

When Charles Xavier and Magneto realized Namor was a mutant, they both decided to try and recruit him. This led to both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants being defeated by the King of Atlantis. At first, Namor thought the Brotherhood would be the best place for him and fought the X-Men, but after Magneto’s arrogance rubbed him the wrong way, he decided to teach the Magnetic Mutant a lesson.

Namor was able to pass through the entire Brotherhood, including Magneto. Namor’s strength and durability allowed him to survive Magneto’s attacks and take him down, before leaving so he could find new ways to attack the surface world.

4 Captain America single-handedly defeated Magneto

Feature Avengers Captain America Thor She-Hulk

Captain America probably shouldn’t be able to beat Magneto, but no one told character creator Jack Kirby that. Write and draw Captain America in the late ’70s, Kirby pitted Magneto and Captain America against each other in the comic book annual. The Super Soldier and the Mutant Master of Magnetism clashed and while the fight was halted, Cap got the best of Magneto.

Since then, Cap has taken punches from Magneto and helped him beat him, but it was very impressive that he was able to not only survive a solo battle against him, but also win it.

3 Snape and Magneto fought several times and she won

X-Men Rogue

Rogue and Magneto have had an interesting relationship over the years. Magneto was one of the few people who could touch Snape because of his powers and that meant there was a certain degree of tenderness between them. However, they were still on different sides and the two fought.

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While Snape didn’t always win these fights, as his affection for Magneto sometimes got in the way, other times his titanic strength and speed allowed him to win these fights. Rogue is a very powerful mutant and his skill level has allowed him to beat Magneto several times.

2 Quicksilver hit Magneto when needed

Magneto’s relationship with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is one of the most significant in Marvel history. Throughout this time, Magneto and Quicksilver faced each other on several occasions, whether as antagonistic teammates or during the time Quicksilver faced off against Magneto as a hero. Quicksilver’s speed, while at the bottom of the Marvel speedster scale, has allowed him to defeat Magneto on multiple occasions.

The times when Quicksilver beat Magneto depended heavily on Magneto not expecting Quicksilver’s attacks. Quicksilver was quick enough to bring down the mutant he believed to be his father on several occasions, proving that the most powerful opponent doesn’t always win.

1 Iron Man paradoxically managed to beat Magneto

Iron man in lasers

Iron Man is known for their various specialized armors, but they all have one thing in common – they’re all made of metal. This should allow Magneto to get rid of Iron Man, but Iron Man has altered his armor so that Magneto’s powers don’t work against him. Now, that didn’t stop Magneto from defeating Iron Man, but it does mean Iron Man did in fact beat Magneto.

It’s quite surprising and generally says more about Magneto’s restraint than Iron Man’s skills; Magneto can extract all metal from everything around him and use it as a weapon. Basically Iron Man only beats Magneto because Magneto decides not to do everything. A win is a win, however.

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