Marvel: 10 stories that end in marriage


Weddings bring out the best and the worst in people and the Marvel Universe. Marriage, in the comics, can be seen as the end of a character’s romance and has typically been built on for decades, but it can also embody a union of heroes or villains, becoming stronger together and better than they were separately.

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From a wedding of villains to the first marriage of Marvel’s First Family in 1965, Marvel has had plenty of weddings on their pages, each with bigger stories around them that make the marriage even better.

ten Inhumans rejoice as Medusa and Black Bolt officially tie the knot

Black Bolt and Medusa get married

While Medusa and Black Bolt have virtually always been together, they didn’t have a formal wedding until John Byrne’s 18th birthday. The Fantastic Four. The first section of the annual was devoted to the battle between the two chosen warriors of the Kree-Skrull War. He then focuses on the people of Attilan who are preparing for the wedding.

It also offers a glimpse of the everyday Inhumans who make up the city as they get excited about the ceremony. Medusa and Black Bolt tie the knot after breaking up their ceremony, cementing their relationship.

9 Deadpool sets world record and marries Shiklah, Queen of the Monsters

Deadpool Wedding Blanket

The record number, with the most characters on a cover, 236 to be exact, dead Pool # 27, written by a great team of writers including Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Mike Hawthorn, actually contains multiple weddings for Deadpool. The main one is his marriage to Shiklah, the queen of the monsters. It follows Deadpool’s wedding day, which includes finding his groomsmen and an officiant.

With Captain America, Doctor Strange, Thor and Wolverine in tow, and Nightcrawler officiating, Deadpool gets married and, for the first time in his life, doesn’t know what to say. It was oddly sweet to the character, even though it ended shortly after.

8 Northstar and her human husband became Marvel’s first gay marriage

X-Mens Northstar and Kyle Get Married

at Marjorie Liu Amazing X-Men # 51 is a historic issue due to her marriage between Alpha Flight hero Northstar and Kyle, the first gay marriage on the pages of the comics. It begins with Northstar remembering the events that happened up to the wedding, including Kyle being mind controlled in an attempt to kill himself and Northstar.

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The Issue also addresses several characters’ issues with the marriage, including fellow Alpha Flight member Puck and the X-Men’s Havocs, noting their awkwardness with the event and Warbird leaving due to his beliefs.

7 Marvel’s first family comes true with Reed and Sue’s wedding

Fantastic four Reed Richards and Sue Storm tie the knot

No one expected Marvel’s First Family wedding to go off without a hitch, and Sue and Reed Richards’ wedding was an eventful affair. The Fantastic Four Annual # 3, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, begins with Doctor Doom reading the wedding news.

The event is then attacked by Puppet Master, Mole Man and his minions, Red Ghost and his super apes, the Mandarin, Black Knight, Kang the Conqueror, and more. Fortunately, the Fantastic Four have the help of the Avengers, X-men, and other heroes to end the wishes.

6 First a baby, then the marriage of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones marry Tony Stark Sentry Captain America Jessica Drew Wolverine and Peter Parker in attendance

After the birth of their child together, there were a lot of questions about Luke Cage’s relationship with the powerful Jessica Jones. Luke asked Jessica to marry him and she never gave an answer until Brian Michael Bendis New Avengers Annual # 1. Immediately after accepting the proposal, the Avengers Tower is attacked by Hydra’s Super Adaptoid.

After the Sentry and the void in his powers end the battle, the wedding takes place. While Stan Lee officiates, Jessica prevents him from taking his own vows, ending their long history of willpower, they won’t.

5 T’Challa and Storm marry during Civil War as Marvel’s powerful couple

Black Panther and Storm Wedding

Defined during Civil war, Storm and T’Challa’s wedding was considered a major event in the Marvel Universe, as members of both sides were under a ceasefire. Tensions are high between most of the heroes, with Captain America and Iron Man refusing to stay due to the other’s presence. The Observer also appears setting up an event that never happened.

The wedding goes off without a hitch as Storm is welcomed into the family by the panther god, though Spider-Man and Man-Ape fight drunk during the afterparty.

4 Gambit and Snape take over Kitty Pryde and Colossus’ marriage to tie the knot

Gambit and Rogue X-Men wedding

The main plot of X-Men Gold Marc Guggenheim’s # 30 was the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, as the two had decided, after decades of intermittent dating, to tie the knot. After a lot of X-Men based chats, Kitty and Magick talk, which leads Kitty to no longer want to marry Colossus.

Another potential marriage is discussed early on between Nightcrawler and Rachel Summers, although they end things up a few issues later. In the end, the festivities aren’t spoiled as Gambit and Rogue finally tie the knot, leading to their own series, Mr. and Mrs. X.

3 Peter Parker and Mary Jane finally got married in 1987

Peter Parker and Mary Jane get married

In 1987, after decades of Spider-Man stories and the death of Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker and Mary Jane were finally married, though their decision weighed heavily on Peter and MJ. MJ deals with a former boyfriend who buys him expensive gifts, including plane tickets to Paris and a Ferrari.

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Peter has doubts as he remembers the deaths of Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacey, even lamenting his doubts during his bachelor party. As the wedding begins, Peter arrives late and the two get married.

2 Villains Deserve Love Too As Titania And Absorbing Man’s Marriage Shows

absorbing man and titania wedding

While all of the other stories mentioned were about the hero marriage, one of the oldest villainous couples in Marvel history celebrated their wedding in the pages of Glenn Herdling. Unplugged avengers. She-Hulk stumbles through a courthouse full of bad guys and assumes they’re in trouble.

After calling in the Avengers, the team discovers that they interrupt the festivities of Titania and Absorbing Man as they get married. Once the Avengers realize what’s going on, the team pulls out, allowing the wedding to take place. Their marriage is still canon in current comics.

1 Hulkling and Wiccan secretly married during Empyre

Hulkling and Wiccan Empyre Wedding

Empyre is one of the most recent major crossover scenarios, being a precursor to the King in black, who saw the end of the Kree-Skrull War and introduced a new antagonist in the form of the Cotati, who seek to end all living things. Hulkling and Wiccan get their major breakthrough as A-List hero for the first time since their Young Avengers days.

At the end of Al Ewing and Dan Slott’s Empyre # 4, the bomb is dropped that Wiccan and Hulkling had a marriage with only the Young Avengers in attendance. While we see more of it in issue # 5, this was the only showing of the wedding kiss and the first time the wedding was mentioned.

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