Marvel: 10 times Spider-Man squandered his potential


Spider-Man has long been one of Marvel’s greatest heroes, taking on some of New York’s most terrifying villains. It’s impossible to deny the impact Spider-Man has had on the Heroic Community. It goes beyond just being a costumed vigilante, as Spider-Man has always been admired, even when he was little more than a child. Spider-Man has been through a lot over the years, but he’s always up for more.

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One of the most confusing things about Spider-Man is the extent to which he squandered his potential. He’s a smart and talented hero and yet there has been a lot of time over the years he hasn’t lived up to what he should be.

ten His failure to control his symbiote led to untold suffering

Spider-Man was the first human to wear a Klyntar symbiote, having obtained it after his costume was damaged during combat in the first Secret wars. It would be a big help for him over the years, but when he tried to bond with him, he rejected him. Feeling rejected, he would bond with Eddie Brock and become Venom, which would lead to Carnage and other dangerous symbiotes.

If Spider-Man had been able to control his symbiote and manage his bond with him, countless lives would have been saved. Symbiotes are extremely powerful, and it’s possible that an older, more experienced Spider-Man might have made a better decision.

9 He never found a way to monetize his intelligence

Marvel heroes like Mister Fantastic and Iron Man have found ways to use their stupendous intelligence to become extremely wealthy, respectively creating and developing massive financial empires. Peter Parker is often seen as one of their class when it comes to intelligence and yet he has never been able to make it work for him.

One of Parker’s biggest problems in his life is lack of money, and yet he was able to invent his web shooters with materials and chemicals readily available to a fifteen-year-old. The fact that he’s never been able to grow tall like the other heroes is a huge disappointment.

8 He rarely used his relationships to improve his life

Spider-Man is known to team up with everyone no matter what he thinks of them. It’s one of the reasons he’s so well respected among his peers in the Marvel Universe, but he’s rarely used his network of friends to really help himself. The only time he did it was when he joined the New Avengers, but it ended with him being manipulated by Iron Man as a poster for the Law of God. recording of superheroes.

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Spider-Man has some of the best connections in the Marvel Universe and yet he never seems to put those connections to good use. There are so many things he could have done had he used his friendships to his advantage, allowing him to use his science skills and those of his superheroes.

7 He couldn’t find a way to save Parker Industries

Otto Octavius’ time as Spider-Man did a lot for Peter Parker and one of the biggest things was Parker Industries. Putting his wits to work, Octavius ​​created an industrial empire which Peter inherited upon Otto’s “death”. While he would do a good job running the business for a while, Parker’s dreaded luck would eventually strike and he would lose everything.

He was eventually forced to sabotage the company to stop the Carrion virus. The fact that he didn’t know how to stop it or get help from his friends shows that he might not be ready for this kind of responsibility, even if he seemed to be.

6 He lost all the good jobs he had

His failure at Parker Industries wasn’t the first time Spider-Man had ruined his life when it came to working outside of being a superhero. For years Peter Parker has been able to find better than freelance photographer jobs and yet at one point or another he has always ended up losing them. For some reason, he couldn’t capitalize on his own success.

Peter Parker consistently fails, even in careers he was perfect for, such as when he was a teacher – a job he has had twice – or science writer at the Bugle of the day is yet another example of his inability to make both sides of his life work together no matter how good he is.

5 He didn’t start using his place in the superhero community to mentor others until recently.


Spider-Man has long been respected because of all the experience he has gained as a hero. Even as a young man, Spider-Man was one of the best heroes in town, but it took ages for him to pass his wisdom on to others. Although he agrees to team up with anyone, he rarely took young heroes under his wing until recently.

Spider-Man has proven over the years to be a born teacher and mentor and yet it has taken him forever to overcome his own doubts and actually help the younger generation of heroes. He’s proven to be good at it, so the fact that he didn’t start a long time ago highlights his wasted potential as a mentor.

4 He let his doubt control him for years

Beyond Parker’s dreaded luck, the biggest thing holding Spider-Man back is his severe lack of self-confidence. Spider-Man was defined by this, as Peter Parker allowed his years of being seen as a nerd to control the way he viewed himself. Spider-Man was his way out of those feelings, as he could be the person he had always wanted to be, but that self-doubt was still there.

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Even with all he’s accomplished over the years, Spider-Man still lets his low self-confidence define him in so many ways. He doesn’t sabotage himself as much as he used to because of this, but that nagging voice is still there, ready to ruin everything for him.

3 He traded in his married life for his aunt because of fear

An extra day is infamous among Spider-Man fans for many reasons, but one thing that is rarely talked about is what she says about Spider-Man, and Mary Jane for that matter, psychologically. Spider-Man’s obsession with saving Aunt May regardless of the consequences, and the fact that Mary Jane pampers this hidden desire speaks volumes about both of them.

Spider-Man’s desire to live in a world where he never moves forward and his aunt is always there to pamper him is a childish attitude. The fact that Mary Jane spoiled him, making the final decision in the matter, makes it all worse, as she’s willing to let him live that way instead of pushing him forward.

2 It took forever to truly take its place in the Marvel Universe

In recent years, Spider-Man has finally started to join the big teams in the Marvel Universe, becoming an Avenger and finally taking his place as one of the first heroes on Earth. The thing is, he’s always been at this level, it took him forever to figure it out.

Spider-Man has always been a top hero, but he wouldn’t allow himself to take his place among his true peers, remaining a mostly street-level hero when he could easily have mingled with the big boys. He’s grown so much since joining the Avengers, but he could have done it for years if he believed more in himself.

1 He never took the leadership role he should have had

One of the perks of all of Spider-Man’s recent development is that he has proven just how great a leader he can be. From leading the Avengers to teaching at Jean Gray School after Wolverine’s death, mentoring Miles Morales, and charging the heroes Spider-propelled to New York City against all manner of threats, Spider-Man has gone turned out to be a great leader.

But he always has been. He’s always had the potential to be awesome in mind, but he’s never allowed himself to experience the role the way he should have.

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