Marvel argues Captain Marvel may not be stronger than Thor


It’s already been hinted that Captain Marvel is stronger than Thor, but the couple’s fight in Marvel’s What If … episode 7 suggests otherwise.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for What if … from Marvel? episode 7.

Earlier it was understood that Captain Marvel is stronger than Thor, but their big fight in What if… from Marvel? suggests that the opposite may be true. While Marvel has never proven on screen that Carol Danvers is on a higher level than the God of Thunder, comments about her power level indicate that she is the stronger of the two. Before Scarlet Witch claimed the title, Marvel referred to the MCU character of Brie Larson as its most powerful hero.

The MCU is currently loaded with powers, such as Thor, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk. Two of them clashed in What if… from Marvel? episode 7, which saw Carol Danvers fight with Party Thor in an epic battle across the country. While Carol entered the fight clearly feeling pretty confident about her chances of winning, the slugfest didn’t exactly go her way. In fact, their first fight ended with a triumphant Thor knocking her down with Mjolnir in What if…?. As for the rematch that came later, it did not receive a proper conclusion.

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Captain Marvel defended her initial defeat to Darcy by explaining that she was holding back to avoid unnecessary destruction on the planet, but that doesn’t take away from Thor’s victory, nor does it mean that she would have won if she did. was beaten at full force. After all, there is no confirmation that what Carol said was the truth, as it could have been just an excuse to lose. Additionally, an argument similar to Carol’s might also apply to Thor. For him, their fight had no real stake. Since Thor wasn’t fighting seriously, he too could have reserved his strength. It’s unclear how different his approach would have been had he defended the world against a threat.

Another factor to consider is the idea that the full power of Party Thor has not been unlocked. In the MCU movies, Thor received a significant upgrade in Thor: Ragnarok, but this version of him hasn’t reached that point yet. This means that the current incarnation of the character in the main timeline would be able to give Carol an even more difficult challenge than Party Thor. Against him, Carol might not be able to hold anything back.

Ultimately, What if… from Marvel? Episode 7 didn’t provide a clear answer about which hero is superior to the next, but it certainly cast doubt on previously held assumptions regarding their power levels. Prior to the episode, it was perceived that Captain Marvel was right behind Scarlet Witch in the MCU, but maybe it wasn’t. Either way, any gap that exists between Captain Marvel and Thor is obviously much smaller than originally thought, if there is. This makes sense, given that it would bring the power structure of the MCU a bit closer to the comics, where Carol is significantly weaker than MCU heavyweights like Thor and Hulk.

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What if… from Marvel? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney +.

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