Marvel Avengers Secret DLC Character Leaked

If one new leak is correct, She-Hulk is NOT next Marvel’s Avengers DLC character. Last month we made it known that She-Hulk was apparently confirmed as a future Marvel’s Avengers DLC character. And that hasn’t changed, however, apparently another DLC character will be released before She-Hulk is added. That said, at the moment it’s unclear who exactly this DLC character is, but we have some tips and information.

Information comes from the path of Marvel’s Avengers insider and leaker, Miller, which relays that the mysterious character is not Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel or Vision, three characters who appeared in DLC speculation thanks to a datamining leak in 2020. Potential candidates are also restricted with confirmation that the character is a female and that he’s not related to Spider-Man.

However, the kicker apparently is that the character plays exactly like a pre-existing character in the game, making them less of a proper DLC character and more of a variation of a pre-existing character. It is also noted that the character is not a major character, which makes sense if he is to be more or less a skin for a character already in the game.

Unfortunately, this is where the report ends. For now, almarvel avengers fans have wordless speculation when this mysterious character will be revealed or released. Until any of these things happen, take everything here with a grain of salt. Everything here is unofficial and subject to change.

At the time of publication, neither Crystal Dynamics nor Square Enix (the game’s developer and publisher, respectively) have commented on this leak and the speculations it has created. We don’t anticipate this change, but if it does, we’ll make sure to update the story accordingly.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter. @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk about everything related to games. Which character would you like to be added to Marvel’s Avengers as DLC and who do you think this new mystery character is?

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