Marvel can’t call one of its mightiest heroes by his real name


The Marvel Universe is home to many powerful heroes, but it is unable to call any of their most powerful by its real name.

The wonder The universe is home to many powerful heroes, but it is unable to call any of their most powerful by its real name. The Masked Raider is one of Marvel’s first heroes, but he was previously known by a different name: The Masked Horseman. How this name change came about is a complex story of comic book companies retreating, rights purchased and rights transferred. Comics with the same name can cause legal problems for both parties.

In the early days before Marvel, cowboy comics were extremely popular. Martin Goodman – the publisher of the company that would become Marvel – wrote his own cowboy novel in order to capitalize on the popularity of the Lone Ranger. Martin’s character was named “The Masked Rider” and was published by Ranger Press. When Goodman switched to comics – specifically, the comic book company that would ultimately have one of the most iconic logos in history – he brought in the Masked Horseman. The masked horseman even appeared in Marvel Comics # 1, but under the name of Masked Raider.

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The Masked Raider – as Marvel now calls it – made an appearance in 2019 Marvel Comics # 1000, a fitting return for the character who appeared in Marvel Comics # 1. But why change the name? According to CBR, Marvel sold the rights to the Masked Rider name in 1940 to Standard Publishing, which published its own Masked Rider comics. Standard Comics continued to publish Masked Rider comics until the 1950s before going out of business and being sold to Fawcett Comics (which also went out of business). Some non-Marvel entities own the rights to Masked Rider and may use it, but for now (at least until Disney has finished settling the legal rights for each Marvel character), Marvel will continue to post stories. of Masked Rider under the name of Masked. Raider.

In its current form, the Masked Raider has left its cowboy roots. Although he still has the Western aesthetic and carries two guns, he wears the Mask of Eternity, a mask made from the same material as Eternity itself. The mask gives him the ability to mimic powers and “cosmic consciousness,” an ability that allows him to see anywhere in the universe that he wants to see. Carrying Eternity upon him definitely makes him a powerful being in the Marvel Universe, but the complexity of creators’ rights to their creations and comic book publishers means the Rider is the Raider – at least for now.

The early days of the comic book industry felt a bit like the Old West, so to speak, with many different publishers releasing a variety of comics with many themes and even overlapping characters. Consider how some of the early superheroes have similar abilities. Finding the Masked Rider rights holder (in order to change his name to Masked Raider) may not be high on Marvel’s priority list. However, characters who aren’t very successful now can turn into massive successes later, as is the case with Daredevil, which Frank Millar relaunched. It is possible that the Masked Raider could become a hit in the years to come, especially with his new appearances in the Defenders comics, and wonder may want to revert to the character’s original name.

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