Marvel Fans Are ‘Sad’ About False Henry Cavill and Jodie Comer D23 Expo Rumors

Apparently, Marvel fans are disappointed, sad, and upset at the lack of announcements during last weekend’s D23 Expo.

Rumors Suggested Henry Cavill May Be Joining The MCU As Hyperion In Loki Season 2 or even as Wonder Man.

This does not happen.

There were a lot of rumors surrounding the casting of The Fantastic Four including a YouTuber “calling it” that Jodie Comer was cast as Sue Storm in the film. In the scooper’s defense, he disclosed that Charlie Cox Spider-Man: No Coming Home stage.

Well, that didn’t happen either.

Then, as THR points out in their post titled “Marvel Disappointed the Rumor Mill at D23” with an SEO title of “Marvel Fans Sad Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer Rumors Were False” – where they hilariously attempt to berate MCU fans for having high expectations – a Twitter account best known for sports commentary and a racing podcast had been “reliably informed” that Marvel announcements at D23 would include Henry Cavill, Denzel Washington, John Krasinski, Giancarlo Esposito, John Boyega, Jodie Comer and Daisy Edgar- Jones.

That didn’t happen either.

THR talks about all the rumors that they have “no apparent basis in reality”.

What’s interesting is that apparently Marvel is well aware of all the rumors as the article notes: “But fake scoops have begun to impact, however slightly, public opinion on official announcements and even shaping conversations around the movies. It’s ultimately a minor concern right now in the grand scheme of things, but interesting in terms of how social media continues to drive fan culture and how that relationship will continue to evolve.

Jodie Comer rumored for Fantatstic Four
Jodie Comer rumored for ‘Fantastic Four’

How does the scoop game work?

As far as Marvel fans being ‘sad’ that the scoops aren’t coming true (yet?), I think fans following this stuff is a small percentage, but I will say I was also disappointed per D23 Marvel announcements (full preview here) as nothing was new.

I wasn’t so disappointed that all the rumors didn’t come true, because I wasn’t expecting much, but I was really, really surprised that nothing was mentioned dead Pool 3.

I will add that when it comes to the scoop game, it’s often from the studio or people connected to the studio who file the information to see what the fan reaction might be because it’s free publicity and gets people talking fans of the project.

What can also happen is that various producers (or managers) may want different actors to be cast in any role so they leak information to see fan response. It could happen with The Fantastic Four.

Other times the scoops are real leaks, like what happened when I revealed the Avengers: Endgame title before Infinity War came out of. Actually now the information came from my 13 year old son who was at a slumber party where one of his buddies said the title. Apparently, the child’s parents are friends of Marvel. Wow. What a lottery that was.

After I leaked the title it was hilarious to see what ensued as other scoopers tried to cover Marvel and came up with all sorts of different titles including “Annihilation” and I even think it It was THR who posted this article about how “some guy” found the domain name “avengers endgame” out of the blue, but of course that was after I leaked the title, and of course , THR and other shill sites didn’t credit me (lol).

I also know that leaks have happened because someone wants to promote something or feels it should be promoted when the studios or producers aren’t doing anything about it. This is how my Crisis 2019 San Diego Comic-Con leaks happened (and Abrams on Superman). There were no DC announcements at Comic-Con and someone felt there should have been. I laughed when I saw Guggenheim’s response.

Leaks also happen when people bump heads (ahem.. Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns) or there’s a disgruntled employee. Marvel better be careful how they treat their VFX artists. That’s all I will say.

Other times, the leaks come simply from having conversations with Hollywood-connected friends. For example, Batman producer Michael Uslan was walking down the street this year near San Diego Comic-Con where a friend I was with was having a conversation. The same friend is the one who told me that Henry Cavill could go back to Superman if he wanted to and that Dwayne Johnson wanted to take over DC movies.

Other times, it’s just about being in the right place at the right time. I’ve been to NFL games where I’ve met people who work for Disney and aren’t shy about discussing Star Wars. A writer on Marvel movies went to a local Catholic high school. A Marvel director’s mentor filmed a movie locally. Etc.

I will also add that some of the so-called scoops are pure BS, as I know for a fact that a certain website got in trouble with Facebook over “fake news” rumors.

I’m going to end and say that I really hope Marvel fans don’t feel “sad” about the “lack” of news, and while it’s true that we’re all hardcore about this, there’s a good more in life than feeling “sad” about a Marvel announcement or lack thereof.

Go ahead and live! Go to a music concert. Go to a live sports match. Go out with friends or go make new ones!

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