Marvel fans create a real bouncing Captain America shield


Credit: JLaservideo YouTube

Marvel fans are undoubtedly loyal to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and never waste a second to imagine what life can be like in one of their favorite superhero movies. Whether it’s recreating the Iron Man costumes or directing their own shorts, some Marvel fans are going the extra mile to show their love for the franchise.

One fan went above and beyond by creating a true Captain America shield that comes back to him and deflects objects.

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In the above YouTube video from JLaservideo, Captain America’s mega-fan Jake uses his imagination and impressive building skills to create a functional homemade shield that can bounce off surfaces and attach to his magnetic wrist support.

Most of the videos featuring a flying vibranium shield are packed with CGI and special effects, but this time we see an actual fiberglass and carbon fiber shield flying through the air.

This video went mega-viral last week, with over 5.5 million viewers praising this awe-inspiring creation.

Captain America's Shield in
Credit: Marvel

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The huge frisbee can fly over 100 feet and come back into the arm of the person who originally threw it. Sure, it’s a bit flimsy, but we actually see a homemade Captain America shield flying!

We’ve seen fans of shields crafted in their garage or workshops in the past, but they generally don’t bounce as well on surfaces.

Towards the end of the video, audiences see this shield deflect stabs and glass bottles, as well as defy the laws of physics here and there!

Shield of Captain America in real life
Credit: JLaservideo YouTube

Undoubtedly a symbol of patriotism and hope, Captain America’s famous shield has stood the test of time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is as integral to Marvel’s legacy as Thor’s Hammer Mjollnir or the Iron Man costumes. Steve Rogers, the First Avenger, is a Marvel fan favorite for his bravery, dedication, and sacrifice for his team and his country. His shield stood up against people like Thanos and now a new threat in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Steve Rogers’ Vibranium Shield is completely fictional and added to every Marvel movie during post-production. Sadly, Steve, Sam Wilson / Captain America (Anthony Mackie), Bucky Barnes / White Wolf (Sebastian Stan) or John Walker / Captain America / US Agent (Wyatt Russell) have never thrown a real shield.

next captain america
Credit: Marvel Studios

However, now we see an actual Captain America shield ricocheting off the sides of buildings and returning to its owner.

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