Marvel Go Ape With Action Hit-Monkey Trailer & Poster


Marvel’s Go Ape With Action Hit-Monkey Trailer & Poster

The whole race of What if… from Marvel? on Disney Plus has never given us a hypothesis as savage as, “What if a Japanese snow macaque’s tribe took a hitman under their wing and then got slaughtered most of the time by their side, but the primate survivor learned to be a hit man himself, under the tutelage of the ghost of the one who died? Yes. This is the premise of Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, which just released a brand new trailer and a brand new poster.

The new trailer includes many scenes from the previous teaser, but expands them considerably, with original scenes from Jason Sudeikis’ hitman character Bryce before death. And there are many more Hit-Monkeys in action, using all of their appendages. Not only can he ignore the danger… he can also turn his mentor away when the opportunity presents itself.

Take a look at the trailer in the player below:

The official synopsis simply says, “This is the story of a monkey on a mission.”

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey debuts on Hulu on November 17. Here’s a look at the key poster art:

Looks like Silver Samurai will appear as a villain, in addition to Lady Bullseye. George Takei voices Japanese politician Shinji, with Olivia Munn as Akiko’s niece.

What do you think of the new Hit-Monkey trailer? Skip to the comments and let us know.

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